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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 5
Naruto’s Plan!

A Cloud ninja arrived but they was to late but she notices they are still breathing. So She’d summoned them back to the Konoha and Sand Hospitals. At the Konoha Hospital Sakura just woke up. When Tsunade and Shizune was about to check up on her. Shizune brought Sakura Naruto’s picture of Team 7. Sakura asked, “Whose the blonde kid in this picture? I’d know Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei!” Tsunade said, “It’s worse then I thought. It wasn’t just a knockout gas but it was also a Amnesia gas.” Shizune asked, “When did you learn that trick?” Tsunade replied, “I guess when I drug Jiraiya to be able to talk with Orochimaru.” Shizune asked, “What’s Naruto’s big plan?” Tsunade replied, “If I know Naruto has well as I think I do. He’s going have some thing more bigger than the Madara’s Moon Eye plan.”

Sakura sit up and asked, “Whose Naruto? Is he the blonde kid in that picture?” Tsunade answered, “Yes it is!” Shizune asked, “Why?” Sakura replied, “When I looked at him and I started to cried. What happened to him? And who was he to me?”
Tsunade said, “He’d loved ya so much but you didn’t realized it until it was too late. He was gone.” Sakura asked, “It’s he dead!” Shizune answered, “In the word yes from our Knuckle-head ninja but he’s not truly dead yet.”
Sasuke woke up and sat up and said, “I’m not revived my clan cause this cursed Sharingan is just a pain and I don’t want my kids to have it.”

Behind the Waterfall. Naruto leading against the broken statures of the previous Jinnuuriki. Thinking to himself. Sakura only you can stop me now! I want you to truly confess your love for me. Kabuto slapped Naruto’s face and said, “Snapped out of it Karuto-sama.” Then Konan asked, “What’s your big plan Karuto-sama?” Karuto replied, “Thanks Kabuto. My plan is to erase my name from all the villages by having a giant bomb of Amnesia. So they won’t be look for me. After that I’ll use a jutsu called Modern from amnesia from Beasts. You guys jobs are to make sure no one interrupts my plan.”
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