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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 7
Kabuto’s Returns!

After the Naruto’s kids joined the Academy. Naruto said, “I’m going to see a old friend of mine,” to his kids.
In outskirts and in Sasuke’s house. Sasuke and Naruto with Kabuto. Are you guys ready? Kabuto asked when he’d enter. Now Naruto’s and my dream come true. Sasuke whispered to Kabuto and Naruto said, “My father died young too. This is my clans’ cursed like Uchiha’s cursed Sharingan.”
Naruto said, “Our dreams are coming true. Sasuke I’d want you to accept Sakura’s feelings for you and take care of my kids.” Sasuke said, “I will.” They all divide from each other. Kabuto was hidden underground.

Tsunade and Kakashi with the Council and all the Kages. Naruto said, “I’m your 8 Hogake!”
Kakashi said, “Actually you are the 6 Hogake starting now. I was just acting as Hogake until you returned.” Tsunade gave Naruto her necklace that Naruto left behind. Kakashi gave Naruto the Hogake’s hat.

Few months later. Naruto after finding out that Hogake’s job was doing all the paper work that he hates.

Kabuto returns and his revenge on Konoha. Naruto said, “I’m the Hogake. I have to go.” Sakura and Hinata said, “Don’t go! He’s too powerful!” Naruto whispered, “You are free and run to Sasuke. He’ll promised me that he’ll watch over my and your children! I won’t becoming back. What’s my now is Sasuke’s.”
Kabuto and Naruto had a Big battle and Kabuto killed Naruto.

After few months later Kakashi find out that Kabuto and Sasuke was doing the same thing that Third Hogake find Orochimaru was doing. So Sasuke left for good this time. Sakura said, “This time he’s gone for good. I’d don’t love him like I’d used to.” I’ll leave too she’d told herself. Hinata said, “Can I come too?” People thought Konan and Guren died in the battle.
When Sakura accidently drop the necklace that Tsunade gave Naruto twice after leaving a had two daughters with Sasuke.
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