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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 8
Revenge of the Jinnuuriki!

Behind the Waterfall of Truth The Jinnuurikis got done training. They sense their master Karuto has been killed. Now they are able to control their beasts. Kabuto said this to them, “Konoha killed your sensei! Now let’s show them what happens when you mess with one Jinnuuriki!”
Jinnuuriki started a war over Naruto their sensei!
Hack can control the One tailed legendary Beast, Jack can control the eight tailed, Zack can control the Seven tailed, Runade. She can control the Six tailed, Lizune, She can control the Five tailed, Furen, She can control the Four tailed, Nat, She can can control the Three tailed and Fakura, She can control the Two tailed.

Some where in a dark cave. Naruto’s voice mutters, “It’s time! Blast from the Past Modern from amnesia from Beasts no jutsu!” The whole ninja world disappeared and was replaced by Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges.
The Bayville Sirens
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