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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 10
New Friends?

The next afternoon at School. Iruka said, “ Hey Class! We’re gonna to have a new classmate. His parents are a military family. They moving around a lot. So be nice to him.” All through the day the kids who could this new classmate be? In Suzume’s art class. Sakura drew a baby fox.

That afternoon. Sakura was playing in the park. First grade kids was picking on her from the Sand School. Three more First grade kids showed up. One of the boy has a bowl cut and the other boy thinks he knows everything. There was girl with 2 buns in her hair. They asked, “Why are you picking her and what’s your names?” One with four pigtails said, “You have to introduce yourself first to lady like myself!” The one thinks he knows everything said, “Fine My name is Neji Hyuuga.” One with four pigtails said, “That’s much better. My name is Temari these are my little brothers, Kankurou and Gaara.” The girl with 2 buns in her hair said, “My name is Tenten, The one with fuzzy brows his name is Rock Lee. We suggest you get out of here now if you don’t want any trouble.” Gaara, Kankorou, Temari, Neji and Tenten left.

Sakura was bending down to pick up her stuff. Rock Lee was trying to help her and said, “You know my name but I want to know yours!” Sakura replied, “My name is Sakura.” Rock Lee said, “That’s a beautiful name.” She said, “Thank you.”

All suddenly they heard. A little kid cried for help. So they lost no time to see what’s going on. The saw Kankorou pick pocketing Konohamaru. A Blonde hair and blue eyes kid asked, “Leave that kid alone or you’ll get your behind whip.” Kankorou asked, “What if I don’t put him down. You little runt?” They start to fight! In an instant. Kankorou was on the ground with blood and asked, “What or Who are you?” Blonde hair and blue eyes kid answered, “If you want to know my name. My name is Naruto Namikaze!” Naruto was picking pocket Kankorou to gave the money back to Konohamaru and said, “Tell your Grandpa I’d said hi!”Konohamaru ran home.
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