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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 11
The New Classmate

At school next day. Iruka said, “Before we started our class today class. Here’s our new classmates Naruto Namikaze!” After Naruto sat down. Ino notice Hinata was looking at Naruto and Naruto was looking at Sakura. Sakura was looking at Sasuke.

After the class. Naruto and Sakura bumped into each other. They both were embarrassed. Naruto noticed that they both forgot to zipped up their backpack. When they bumped into each other the papers was floating downing. They bumped their heads together when they were trying to help each other picking up each others paper. Sakura noticed a drawing that Naruto drew was a picture of a Cherry Blossom tree. Naruto noticed a drawing that Sakura drew was a picture of a baby fox. Naruto said, “You can have the Cherry Blossom picture.” Sakura said, “In return of your kindness. You can have my drawing of the Fox.”

At Namikaze’s house hold. A gang called the The Legendary Beasts killed Naruto’s family. Mr. A was the head of the police department and said, “Let’s see who could raise him?” Jiraiya was just walking and peeking into the house. Mr. A said, “I’d guess he have to do for now. Hey peeking Tom!” Jiraiya said, “The cops are on to me now.” The Cops ran with the Naruto to catch Jiraiya. Jiraiya asked, “What do you wanted?” Mr. A said, “This kid’s parents was just killed by the famous gang called the Legendary Beasts. I suggest gave him a new last name. ” Jiraiya asked, “Hey kid what’s your full name?” Naruto answered, “My name is Naruto Namikaze.” Jiraiya said, “From now on you are be name Naruto Uzumaki.” Naruto said, “I’d like that name.” Naruto and Jiraiya left the neighborhood.

Before Naruto left the neighborhood. Naruto and Sasuke became best friends. That night before Naruto left. Itachi killed Sasuke's family. Madara Uchiha took him in as his own son. That's where Naruto and Sasuke created the Oath of the Brothers of Solitude. The will of the fire will always burn in our hearts cause when we are close or far way. This bond will never go away. They fist bumped each others' fists.
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