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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 13
Sasuke’s smiled

Next day before classes started. Tenten and Hinata was walking towards the University. They saw Sasuke smiling to some one behind a pine tree. Tenten took out her camera to take a picture of Sasuke’s smiling from the side view of course. When they got closer. They saw the same blonde hair kid from yesterday bumped fists with Sasuke Uchiha. Tenten wondered how do they know each other? Tenten asked herself. Hinata whispered, “Looks like they are lost long buddies.”

In Anko’s class Anko said, “Before we started the class today. I’d want to introduced Naruto Uzumaki.” When Naruto came into the class. Cherry blossom petals also just came in from the window and landed on Sakura’s and Hinata’s desk. Naruto said, “If you think you are tough. Bring it on. My biggest dream is to become the Leader of the gang.” That’s when Sasuke said, “You still are annoying as ever.” The whole class stare at Sasuke in Shocked. Naruto grabbed Sasuke’s shirt and said, “I’m warning you Scary-cat!” Sasuke pushed him down and said, “Don’t call me that!” Anko said, “Sit down you maggots! Sasuke cause you’ll volunteer to be Naruto’s guide.” Sasuke wrote note that tells Naruto and he’d wants to fight him after they get done eating at lunch time. Naruto stared at Sasuke and then nodded his head with a smile.

After class. Naruto bumped into Sakura, Ino and Hinata. They all were in embarrassed. Naruto smiled and said, “Ino, Hinata and Sakura-chan. It was just a accident.” The girls were shocked that he knew their names without them introduced themselves.
At Lunch time. Naruto and Sasuke went outside with all the guys and started to arguing. Sasuke said, “I’d don’t want to be part of our Brothers of Solitude anymore. I’d was stupid back then.” Naruto asked, “Sasuke do you know the punishment for betraying our oath?” Sasuke replied, “Yes! Cause I’d created myself but you never can lay a finger on me. Naruto…N..” Naruto Interrupted and whispered, “That Naruto is gone. That Naruto became Naruto Uzumaki!” Sasuke whispered, “If there’s Naruto Namikaze then both of us betrayed the oath.” Naruto said, “Now you and I are no long friends but rivals.” Sasuke said, “That oath haunted me for ages. Now I’m free of that oath. Besides I’d always wanted to test you in a fight!” Naruto started running and kicking he’d miss or got blocked by Sasuke. Same thing happens when Sasuke punch and kick. Both of them were shocked how strong that are now. Sasuke tripped over something and Naruto accident tripped too. That cause Naruto kissed Sasuke. Sasuke asked, "What the heck are you doing?" Naruto said, "Hey that's my line!" They both said, "They'll gonna killed each other."
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