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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 15.
Return of the Ninja System

While Naruto and Sakura was just walking home. Naruto's dorm was across the street from Sakura's. Naruto said, "I'll take you to your dorm." When they got closer. Tobi said, "It looks like Naruto Namikaze has a girlfriend." Sakura asked, "What did you just say?" Tobi replied, "I'd said that you and Naruto are boyfriend and girlfriend." Naruto said, "You'll shouldn't say anything like that towards Sakura-chan." Sakura punched Tobi's masked off.

Naruto said, "When are guys going to learned that I'd won't accept that offer." Itachi replied, "This time isn't a offer." Kisame said, "Man. I'm go wild on this one." Deidara said, "This will be a bang."
Sasori said, "I'd hate waiting and for you Naruto made me wait. I'll make you pay for that." Zetsu asked, "After we get done can we eat him?" Hidan said, "After I'd do my ritual." Kakuzu said, "After we get his girlfriend's money."

They started fighting and in the middle of the fight. Naruto get knocked down every time. Naruto was just getting up. Itachi grabbed Naruto and if him on his shoulder. Tobi asked, "Can I have his necklace? Itachi?" Itachi replied, "Sure!" Tobi drop it and it breaks. Naruto disappeared.

Now every thing was back to the Ninja System and the Ninja World. Who every died in the old Ninja system was once again dead.
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