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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo part 2

Chapter 1

Shockin' News?.

After Denu and Tsunade got back from their Honeymoon. While Tsunade was on her honeymoon. Naruto retake his spot as the Hogake. Denu and Tsunade decide to adopted Naruto as their own son. Denu said, "Hey Nephew I'd want to talk to you in private." Naruto replied, "Sure." So they went over to the Uchiha's lake. Sasuke was there as well. Denu said, "I'd wanted to tell you two boys that you two are family by blood but you guys are distant relatives."
Sasuke and Naruto was shocked. They both asked, "How do you know this?" Denu said, "Naruto the cruse of your clan was to make trying to make peace in the world. Sasuke your clan's curse was the Sharingan of course."

Meanwhile back at the Hogake's Office. Sakura asked, "What's the big secret?" Tsunade whispered, "Only the Root, Even the Akatsuki members and all of Kages expect for Naruto of course. Sasuke and Naruto are distant blood relate." Sakura was shocked to heard this. Tsunade said, "The same power that made Sharingan became Naruto's and his family never give up attitude." Sakura asked to be excuse. Tsunade said, "You are dismissed." Sakura with a shocked look on her face by also blind where she who she was running into.

When She went by the flower shop. She accidentally bumped into Ino. Ino was going said Watch it forehead freak until she'd notice the stun and shocked look on Sakura's face. So Ino shake Sakura by grabbing Sakura's shoulders and move her in a quick movement. That snapped Sakura back to reality. Ino asked, "What got into you?" Sakura said, "Sasuke-kun and my husband are related to each other. They are distant blood related." Ino is shocked and slap her face. Ino asked, "Who told you this?" Sakura said, "Lady Tsunade."

Back at the Uchiha's lake. Denu said, "Naruto and Sasuke. Tsunade and myself wants to adopted you guys as our sons." Sasuke said, "Whatever." Naruto said, "Heck yes!" Naruto thinking {flash back} when Naruto met his birth mom when he was trying to control the Kyuubi. When Kushina punched him. [Flash backs ends] Naruto thinking Tsunade is like my mom. Denu said, "Sasuke use your Sharingan and Naruto thinking about your parents. To show Sasuke who your parents are." Sasuke is shocked.

In the mind of Naruto. Sasuke sees Minato and Kushina. Sasuke smirk on his face and thinking this is why Naruto have crush on Sakura. Sasuke think this mush be the accursed that Naruto's family has and Denu said Naruto has a accursed too.

Denu whispered to Naruto, "I'll take care of your personal quest myself." Naruto said, "Thanks." After the that Sasuke treat Naruto as Itachi treated him when they were young. Naruto was shocked about this. Naruto was shocked that Sasuke now caring for him. So now Sasuke is happy and Naruto is also happy. Now they just argue like normal brothers do. So Denu went to see his new Daughters in law.
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