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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 3

Sasuke's mission

Denu sent Sasuke on a mission to find Amaru, Emina, Fuuma Sasame, Haruna, Nan, and Hokuto. Karin reverts to her old ways fell back in love with Sasuke after he became good. Temari was ahead towards Konoha asked where this year's Chunin will take place. But in the trees was Kabuto was about to attack Temari. Sasuke said, "Kabuto." Temari said, "Thanks Sasuke!" She was surprise that Konoha let him roam outside the village. Sasuke said, "My stepfather wants me to find these ten women." Sasuke show his pass from Lone Wolf Sticks. Sasuke couldn't read it when he does he only sees the girls that he have to find. Temari said, "Now we all trap in sand storm." When Temari when for a nap. Sasuke took advance of the opportune. To start his clan.

Then after the storm ended. Temari sees Sasuke across the cave. Then Temari woke him up. Sasuke got up and grabbed her. Then he'd kissed her on her lips. She'd was shocked and she was enjoy. Then she'd remembers that she's dating Shikamaru. Sasuke said, "He's cheat on you with Shiho and Ino,"
They went back on their own missions. Sasuke has a smirk on his face. After few toss there and there. Sasuke finally finds all of the girls that he was looking for. They are coming out of Hot springs. Sasuke said, "My Stepfather wants to talk to you Ladies and here the directions."

Back in Konoha Denu rounded up Karin, Tamaki, Fuki, Kasumi, Ami and Yakumo for a surprise. There was six knocks on the door. Denu said, "Come in Ladies. I'll gave you ladies to know each other but When I come back. I'll have big surprise for you ladies."Amaru, Emina, Fuuma Sasame, Haruna, Nan, and Hokuto enters.

Sasuke was at his old house all suddenly a image of Itachi came over his Sasuke's head in a dark lane. Then Sasuke got jumped and this ninjas forced Sharingan stun pill down his throat. So that he can't use it for unless thirteen days. Those ninjas was a mask Medic-ninja and a ANBU. ANBU ninja said, "This was order from your stepfather. Sasuke!" Then they bag him up and took him where all thirteen ladies waiting for Denu came back with his surprise.

Denu finally came back and Denu with a big body bag. The girls asked, "What's in that body bag?" Denu said, "One of my adopted sons. You probably hear of him. Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke jumped out of the bag and he was about to attacked his stepfather. Denu said, "I'd did it so you can restart your clan. These girls are here for you." Sasuke said, "You fooled me. No wonder my brother Itachi called me the Foolish little brother." Denu and Sasuke laughed together.
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