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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 8
Naruto's family's cursed

Tsunade told Naruto and Chouji that there's a food contest in the cloud village. Right after Chouji and Naruto left and went they reached the border of the of the Cloud village. Hunter ninjas attacked. Those ninjas was from Rock village and the Cloud ninja. Chouji tried to stop them but they was so fast that Naruto couldn't enter his Sage mode. So they left Chouji laying there like a log. Back in Konoha Tsunade was about to sip of her coffee that's when her mug crack. She said, "OH Crap.That's a bad signed." So she'd said, "Shizune come in here now!" Shizune asked, "What is it?" Tsunade said, "I'd think the Cloud picking up were the Third Raikage couldn't finished."
Shizune asked, "What do you mean?" Tsunade said, "Their target is Naruto." Shizune said, "I'm on it."

Mean while back in the Gender Bender Dimension. Jirunade said, "How's my favorite girl doing?" Orochinade her cheek turned pink. Orochinade said, Jirunade asked, "Whose this cute!" when she look at Sasuke. Naruka said, "Sasuke! I'd want to test you!" Orochinade said, "Here we go again." Sakuto said, "Naruka You always want to find the guys don't cha?" Naruka said, "Isn't not your business. I'd just want tough this guy really is." Sasuke said, "You ready me of my younger self. I'm glad to do." So Sasuke and Naruka. Sasuke thinking I'd like this version of Naruto better with a his own smirk on his face.

Back in the Konoha in Sasuke's dimension. The Leaf sent out pursuit squads immediately but none of them managed to find Naruto but they found Chouji. He'd said, "Rock ninjas and Cloud ninjas attacks us and they kidnaped Naruto before he'd could enter sage mode." Kakashi said, "Yamato report this news to the Fifth immediately." So Yamato reported the information to Tsunade. In the Hogake's office Tsunade was so mad and she'd was thinking the only reason that the Rock Village is teamed up with the Cloud is to get their hands on the Kyuubi.

Sakura noticed that Naruto's thread of his clothing. Sakura went and kicked those Cloud and Rock ninjas' behinds. Sakura held him and she'd said, "You been chasing me all your life. Now I just chase after you." They both started laughed. Naruto said, "That's always wanted to hear from you Sakura-chan." The Rock village exacted the Kyuubi before Sakura got there but Naruto was half live. When Sakura seeing that Naruto is closing his eyes. She unzipped his jacket and lift his shirt up. She saw that the seal is wasn't there at all. When Hinata got there. She'd said, "Don't worried The Main branch of the Hyuuga has a forbidden jutsu. That I'd could do." She's kissed Kiba and Shino on their lips and said, "Goodbye my friends." Hinata kissed Neji on his cheeks and she said, "Take care of our family." Hinata used a the jutsu called the Byakugan revived. Hinata fell on top of Naruto's body with a smile on her face. When she used that jutsu all of the Hyuuga members that had the same mark as Neji does all sudden vanished.

Now Naruto can see the chakra points but when he use it just the veins show up around his eyes. When Naruto woke up and said, "Neji your mark is gone!" Neji asked, "What are you talking about? Did they hit you so hard that you are clueless?" Naruto said, "I'd can see your chakra points." Neji said, "What?" Neji took off his headband and asked for a mirror. Gai gave him his mirror. Neji said, "The mark is gone!" Neji was remembering {flash back when Naruto's first Chunin Exam. When Naruto said I'd changed the way of Hyuuga clan when he becomes Hogake}

Neji mumbled to himself, "Naruto did change the way of the Hyuuga with some help from Hinata-nii-san." with smiled on his face and small giggle came out. Then he said, "That's Hinata-nii-san and I'd promise to train your kid." A tears roll down his cheek. After Naruto figured it out what she'd had done. He'd hold her body and tears was about to come to Naruto. Tsunade created a seal just like hers on Hinata's forehead then Hinata woke. That jutsu cause Tsunade's lifespan even more shorter now. Tsunade thinking of her family, Dan and her friends that soon I'd joined you but not today.

Back in the Gender Bender Dimension. Naruka whispered to Sasuke, "I'm going killed every one in every dimension. So no one can suffered like I'd did!" She'd kept whispered that same thing every time that they collide.

Chapter 9
Denu's and Tsunade's Wedding.

Denu was in his and Tsunade's house. He was looking at the Wedding pictures. Denu's best man was Kakashi. Denu's Groommens are Shikaku, Ibiki, Kiba's father, Sasuke and Naruto. Ring Bearer is Konohamaru Tsunade's maiden of Honor is Shizune, Yoshino, Anko, Tsume, Ino and Sakura. Moegi is the Flower Girl. One of the temple monks is doing the Ceremony.

Tsunade asked, "Hey my King. What are you doing?" She kissed Denu's cheek. Denu replied, "I'm just lookin' at our wedding album." Tsunade said, "I'd wish I can have a child like the other mothers do." Denu looked at Tsunade and kiss her forehead. He said, "There is a way!" Tsunade was so shocked that she couldn't speak. So Denu kissed her on her lips. Then she'd said, "Let's get back to our first day that we came husband and wife." Temari got the flowers and Shikamaru got the Garter. Naruto was doing the funniest dance. Naruto and Rock Lee had a little dance off contest. Temari told Shikamaru the boys can't dance. Kiba got upset when he heard that. So he'd yelled, "Girls vs Boys dance contest" The DJ was DJ MG was actually Might Gai.So the Gai put in the Denu's favorite song. The Girls of Rock and Roll from the Alvin and the Chipmunks Adventure. Anko pushed Gai off the stage and put Hinata's favorite song. The song is A night to remember from High School Musical 3.
Naruto put in the Boys are Back from High School Musical 3. That's was the last song.

Tsunade asked, "How could we have a kids of our own?" Denu said, "You are not the only Medic-ninja in this house!" Tsunade put the Wedding album down on the coffee table. Then she'd pulled Denu to her. They fell back on the couch. Started kissing. They connected all their chakra's points together and using their Medic-jutsu That's when the chakra surge from Denu's body to Tsunade's body. It's starts. The first Chakra baby ever made will formed.

At the bench where Sakura tried to stop Sasuke. Right then Naruto came by. Sakura asked, "Naruto-kun back then when you first yelled at me. Did you think that Sasuke transformed into me. After you did that trick you pull acting like my crush?" Naruto said, "Yeah! Sorry about that!" Sakura gentle touched Naruto's face with a loving touch. Then she'd whispered, "You are not a knuckle head ninja. You are my dream. I'd was the foolish one they should've call me the knuckle-head ninja cause I'd was blind by my puppy crush on Sasuke. Not knowing that my true prince was next to me." Sakura kissed Naruto and said, "I'm sorry that I made you wait so long." A tear came to her cheek. Naruto said, "I'd would've wait for a eternity for you to love me like I love you. Sakura-chan."
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