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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 12
Girls Issues

Naruto was thinking getting his wives some flowers. Ino asked, "Hey Naruto. can I talk to you?" Naruto replied, "Actually I was going to get some flowers from you after I eat some Ramen." Ino said, "I'm glad that you are guys are happy. I'll get those flowers right away." So she went back to her shop. Rock Lee and Neji was babysitting Naruto's, Denu's and Sasuke's kids at once. Neji thinking that he'd doesn't want any kids. Rock Lee said, "I will not lose to these kids." So the kids dog pile on Rock Lee and some of kids are pulling on Neji's clothes.

When Naruto went to get some food for his kids. Ayame said, "Hey Naruto-kun the usually?" Naruto said, "Sorry I can't stay I'm picking the food up before my kids to round up." Ayame said, "Okay." Teuchi went in the back. Ayame grabbed Naruto and started kissing him on his lips. Teuchi was shocked and told her to sit in back. He said, "Sorry about that she'd having a hard time. When she'd sees a hero she'd becomes her old teenager self" Naruto said , "Recently most girls actually like that went they see me." Before he'd left those guys asked Naruto for a autographs before. Narutto said, "Sorry I'd couldn't do it before cause I'd didn't. So here's my autographs for you guys." Those guys are so happy. Then Naruto using his clones to take the food to his house. While the real Naruto go to the flower shop.

At the flower shop. Naruto asked, "Ino where are you?" Ino said, "I'm in the Greenhouse you can back." So Naruto went in the back. Then Ino grabbed Naruto and kissed him on his lips. Ino said, "WOW You are a good kisser. I'd didn't know. My mom always told me. That the goof balls like you are better kissers than the hottest guys." So Naruto use his clones again to help him carried the flowers. After Naruto got back and feed the kids and delivered the flowers to his wives. Rock Lee and Neji help him get the kids in bed. Naruto was so exhausted that he'd flapped on to the couch.

Tsunade told Sakura want a happen at the summit. Sakura asked, "Lady Tsunade I'd just want get my hands on them." Sakura went to the gates of the Forest of Death. When Sakura saw Anko. She'd ran up the her and punched her over the Forest of Death. After the next summit. The female bodies was across the room. Shizune, Sakura and Tsunade was the only three standing. Sakura said, "This was just a warning. The only people could kissed my hubby is me and his other wives. Got that!"

twelve months later from the Kage summits that and three months later after Sakura got her revenge on those Kages. Those Kages, Anko, Ino and Ayame are pregnant with Naruto's kids. Sakura said, "First Sasuke and now Naruto!" Ino said, "Just was little kissed." Then Ino told Sakura want her mom told her since she was a little girl that the goofs off are better kisser. Ino trip over a flower pot. Sakura also trip over the same pot. They accidentally kissed. They were shocked. Then they both remember the day the Naruto accidentally kissed Sasuke. They started laughing.

At Kurenai's house. Shikamaru got up and went back home before dark and after teaching her to play Shogi. Kurenai was heading to the hot springs. Naruto wanted to know what Hinata's likes are. Kurenai said, "It's a mix bath today so we can talk." So they got in together. Naruto's kindness reminds Kurenai of Asuma. So she was day dreaming about Asuma. When she came back to reality she find her self kissing Naruto on his lips. At that time Sakura and rest of Naruto's wives got mad at Kurenai. They chase Kurenai out.

One day in the Hogake's office. Tsunade was asleep. When Naruto was wearing his sage outfit and his hair was long as Jiraiya's. Tsunade thought that Naruto was Jiraiya so she went over to him and kissed him on his lips. When she'd woke up. They both were shocked. They both split in disgust. After that Naruto said, "You truly miss Master Jiraiya." Tsuande said, "Yeah please take up your master's mantle or I'll tell Sakura that you was hitting on me." Naruto said, "Okay only if you reveal everything about my family." Tsunade said, "Denu will do that for me." Naruto said, "Okay" Naruto told Sakura that Tsunade wants him to continue his master's work. She said, "I'd help you." Now Ebisu, Sai, Naruto and Sakura are the mystery authors and the artist. Kakashi is reading the book with out his masked.

Chapter 13
Denu's shocked news

Denu find out that Kages the kissed Naruto had Naruto's babies. Denu told Kakashi was now the Hogake cause Tsunade retired from being Hogake. Kakashi said, "Ebisu! Get Naruto and his family now!" Ebisu said, "Yes sir." When Ebisu got at Naruto's mansion. Ebisu said, "Kakashi-sama waits your family there for a mission." Tsunade was just getting back from the hot springs. She over heard that and said to Shizune, "We both made a promise that Kushina's and Minato's become the new Uchiha." So after Naruto and his whole family was about the same age when Naruto fought against Haku. Naruto and his wives told the kids that if anything happens to them gun back towards the Leaf as fast as they can. Unknown to Naruto and his family that Tsunade and Shizune was behind them. Denu was behind Tsunade and Shizune. Two other mysterious ninjas was with Denu.

Now the other villages ANBU told their Kages that Naruto figured out that he'd had kids in other villages. That's why his whole family going to the different ways with Naruto his Sage mode. Cloud Ninjas was afraid of Naruto special in his Sage mod. In the night Naruto and his family got their new family members and those kids was scared of Naruto. Naruto said, "I'm your real father!" Then they hugged him. Naruto was got knock down by ANBU ninjas from all of the villages. Naruto said, "This kids are mine!" They were shocked and said, "Sorry but we have our orders." Tsunade show up just like Naruto did when Kabuto was trying to killed Tsunade. The ANBU said, "Fifth Hogake!" Tsunade said, "I haven't had some much fun since." Tsunade kissed Shizune's, Naruto's, Naruto's wives' , Naruto's kids' and Sasuke's kids' Foreheads.

When the ANBU ninjas about to strike. Denu said, "I'd won't let you died until I'd told you what I find in one Orochimaru's lair." Tsunade said, "I have to do this my my King." Denu said, "Orochimaru use his Sperm and Jiraiya's sperm with two eggs of yours. They made this guys behind me wants to said some thing you my queen." The hooded ninjas that was with Denu pulled back. It was Sai and Kabuto. Kabuto said, "Hey Mom." Sai said, "Hey mom." Sai said, "My father was Orochimaru and you are my mother." Kabuto said, "My father is Jiraiya and you are my mother." Every one was shocked to heard this. Naruto's family killed all the ANBU Ninjas expect for one in one swoop. Denu made a deal with them. Naruto's family agreed to this very weeke Summer times Naruto's kids will live with their mothers in their mothers' villages. ANBU said, "That's fine!" The Kages send their approved.

Denu whispered to Shizune's and Tsunade's ears, "Orochimaru implanted Dan's DNA inside of me." Tsunade and Shizune was shocked Shizune said, "Uncle!" Tsunade kissed Denu on his lips. Sakura said, "If Denu is Shizune's uncle that makes her your cousin Naruto." Naruto hugged Shizune. Naruto with his wives and kids. Sasuke's kids as well, Shizune, Kabuto and Sai was behind them with Denu and Tsunade. Above them are these spirits Sasuke, Minato, Kushina, First Hogake, Second Hogake, Dan, Nawaki, Jiraiya and Orochimaru.
The Bayville Sirens

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