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Re: Official OH manga project thread (Sketches only)

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
What's this?

Dunno man, it takes ages for one fucking page of a comic. Doubt you will do this, but whatever.

Your art is okay for a manga. Keep practicing drawing every char if you want them to look like themselves in every panel tho.
Will i noticed mangakas don't really make that much efforts in drawing mangas that are released weekly like naruto and whatnot,they use some technique,that am aware of,to easly draw envirouments and landscapes..which are the main problem for me along with perspectives and vanishing points kinda crap. so as soon as i master this stuff,i can pretty much draw a decent amaturish manga that will be accepted by the majorty,taking in consideration that the quality of the manga can be bypassed if the plot is epic which is the case here.

as for char drawing,what you said is a very good advice to give to someone whos starting his 1st manga. this is a major issue i noticed in my drawing that i am not good at catching a character that i created from different prespectives so i spent a decent amount of time to remedy that by creating characters and draw them from the main 2 prespectives.

Originally Posted by UchihaTaijiya View Post
Oh okay, sounds cool. When I said that the others should be trained in the elements, I meant that not just in the regular element my character distributes to them... for worst case scenarios, like a situation where say Kat is very injured or worse dead, and there's a need for a combo attack of Earth and Water. If OG and Vanity aren't trained in Water nor Earth, then there's a chance we're s.o.l. and that doesn't happen to OH. 8] <3 lol
So that's what I meant, and thanks for explaining things. Have fun drawing the kissing scenes, hahaha ~

Ooooh, you learn something everyday, totally didn't know that about the hiten style. Never seen Claymore but I've heard of it.

You don't have to do the cyborg stuff with 48, I was just making a joke.

It's cool.
[damn i keep missing peoples posts =( ]

That's a good point actually,but i want you to forget about all naruto's usage of elements kinda crap..because it's gonna be different in this manga. you are the only one who can manipulate your elements by mixing them,if needed,to make your defense more absolute than it already is..and when you switch to offense,you wont have to mix element with on of the other girls since your attacks will already be godawfully destructive that no one can increase there power or stand against. think about yourself as this manga's doctor manhattan.

Point is,if you are gonna make a tag team attack with someone ,it's gonna be with his/her original ability not with the element you gave.

Originally Posted by Tsuna View Post
tl;dr on Nero's posts for the moment cause I gotta go but I managed to get the general badassery of my character? Awesome. As long as you don't make me butch.
No you're not gonna be a butch,you can't be a butch actually since you are teh leader of the entertainment department. so you are one of the most sexiest singer/dancer up there. will not reveal your POWER yet =p

Originally Posted by OG View Post
make her butch. =D
Ironically that's how YOU gonna be lololololol <3 =D

and question,I remember that i saw a pic of you years ago but i can't really recall wither if you're asian or not..i has a feeling that you are,so are you?

UPDATE: Brooke

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