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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 14
Tsunade's and Shizune's deaths

Shizune died of sickness. Tsunade died at unknown ninja. Those ninjas we so strong that all of the village fell in their hands the only one village left was Konoha. Sakura in the Six war. The other side was made of Bounty Hunters and Assassins with all the of Naruto's old enemies from his past. Those ninjas killed Tsunade and Shizune. Sakura and Ino with Hinata they left the village just like Tsunade and Shizune did. Naruto was writing raps and Jiraiya's book with the help of Denu, Ebisu and Sai. All of Naruto kids are enough to take care of themselves.

After Sakura finding finds out how Naruto felt when Master Jiraiya died. Denu was the one that got their right their before Tsunade and Shizune died.
Sakura wanted revenge. Naruto stopped her by said, "Don't turn into Sasuke or Orochimaru!" Sakura said, "But!" Ino and Shikamaru came with Naruto. Ino said, ""Remember Asuma died." Before Ino and Shikamaru came with Naruto. Shikamaru told Ino what he told Naruto when Master Jiraiya die. After Ino told Sakura what Shikamaru told Naruto when Master Jiraiya died. Sakura hugged Ino.

Naruto said, "Sasuke got his revenge, I'd changed Pain's heart and now let Sakura-chan get hers." The ninjas was about to attacked the Konoha Border until they notice Naruto and Sakura. The Ninjas said, "Our leaders told us if we come face to face to you two. We have to Surrender. To the our leader is more afraid of you two then Bloody Flash duo and the Legendary Sannin put together." Naruto and Sakura was shocked. Sakura asked, "Who killed Tsunade?"
The Captain of the Squad said, "I'm the reasonable one killed me." Sakura beat him half to death. Those ninjas gave her first nickname Cherry Blossom Blizzard.

Naruto reassume the Hogake's title. Rock Lee and Shikamaru are Naruto's aides. When Shikamaru get out of hand. Naruto threat him by putting him on mission instead of being on mission. Kakashi combine the Root with the ANBU ninjas. Now everybody is happy now. Naruto after few years of paper work he'd wanted to retired as Hogake and Sakura was chosen to be the next Hogake after Naruto. Sakura's aides are Ino and Hinata.

Chapter 15
Kabuto's death

Kabuto took over the Root from the other villages. Kabuto said, "It's about time to show Naruto's little friends what Sasuke-kun and Naruto-kun went tough years ago!" with a smirk on his face. When Kabuto was yard away from Konoha's gates. Aburame Shibi, Kiba's father, Akimichi Chouza, Sakura's mother, Inuzuka Tsume, Yamanaka Inoichi, Neji's mother, Nara Yoshino, Nara Shikaku, Hinata's mother, Hyuuga Hiashi and Tenten's parents was just got back from their mission. So they see Kabuto about to enter the Konoha. They got the orders to captured Kabuto dead or alive. So they have big battle scene.

Then Kabuto's root he'd recalled them the Snakes. The Kabuto's ninjas killed Aburame Shibi, Akimichi Chouza, Sakura's mother, Inuzuka Tsume, Yamanaka Inoichi, Neji's mother, Kiba's father, Nara Yoshino, Nara Shikaku, Hinata's mother, Hyuuga Hiashi and Tenten's parents. Denu just got there went Kabuto's ninjas just disappeared. Denu only sees Kabuto. Kabuto said, "It been a while sense we talk." Denu said, "I'd wished I'd didn't save you from that war. The only reason I'd save you that I'd promised your parents that I'd watch over you until you could take of yourself. Don't worried I'm not gonna killed you. I'll let their kids do that."

Kabuto said, "Thanks for taking me in and those kids can't beat me." Denu said, "You are right if it was one on one." Denu sent his clones. One to Naruto. Naruto enter his Sage mode. Naruto grabbed his comrades. They was shocked that's Naruto went into sage mode. They asked, "Naruto-sama! Where are you taking us." Naruto said, "You will find out soon. You'll find out how Sasuke and myself felt when we were younger." Denu appear and said, "I'll take them and you Naruto have to blocked his escape."Naruto said, "Okay." Denu summoned his Fly wolf with head of a fox and eyes of cat. The body of wolf and a tailed like a loin's. The size of this flying wolf was the size of a horse. Denu said, "Get on Danger's back NOW!" So kids of the dead parents is now on the flying wolf.

When all the dead parents kids was got there. They all started to cried. Denu got the few seconds later and said, "Kept you tears to yourselves! Now go. Naruto your job here is done. Go back to the Hogake's mansion." Naruto made a be sphere and half of his clones was underground and the others was over above the ground of his clones. So Kabuto couldn't escaped. The real one was just outside waiting for his friends.

Naruto said, "Okay!" Hinata and Neji team up for the second time to stopped chakra's points. Rock Lee was the Third to attacked. Tenten summoned her weapons. Kiba and Akamaru did the fang over fang moved. Shino did his bugs thing. Sakura hit the ground. Chouji use his oversizes hands to hold Kabuto before he fall in. Ino destroyed Kabuto's mind. Then Sakura knock him out after that Chouji let Kabuto go. Yamato just got there and buried Kabuto. Denu said, "Thanks for fixing my mistake." Hinata and Sakura going to Naruto and started cried on his shoulders. Naruto kissed both.
Naruto said, "Now you know how Sasuke and myself felt when we were kids." Sakura said, "I'm sorry. I'd didn't know that you were so alone." Naruto kissed Sakura's forehead. Hinata kissed Naruto's cheek.

Chapter 16
Master Naruto

Kages was sorry about what they done to Naruto. So their Jinnuurikis volunteer to give up their life for their Master Naruto. So they gather all the Jinnuuriki in one place. Naurto is sitting in the middle of the room. The other 8 Jinnuurikis was laying on the tables. in the back of the room Naruto's wives was fright they leaned against the wall. They all shut their eyes. Naruto said, "You girls don't have to worried about me." Denu said, "This is my clan's 8th secret Jutsu! merged the 9 jinnuuriki into one jutsu." Naruto enters his sage mode. That's when the other ninjas was hold the other 8 Jinnnuuriki down. Few moments go by and Naruto did the same thing that he'd did to the fox. Those years ago. Naruto was scream in pain as well.
Denu said, "It's done!" So the Kages hugged Naruto and kissed him on his cheeks. That made Sakura angry but Naruto's other wives was also angry but they was holding Sakura back.

When Naruto got back to his house. Naruto's wives on their own way to their jobs. Naruto was laying on the couch. Naruto saw a picture of Jiraiya, Shizune, Tsunade and himself.

*Flash Back*
Shizune and Naruto was in the hot springs. Shizune was day dream about her uncle. When she came back to reality. She'd cuddling up against Naruto. They both were shocked. Before the reunited with Tsunade and Jiraiya. Shizune said, "I'm sorry about that." Naruto said, "Don't worried I'd won't tell anyone." Shizune kissed him on his lips and said, "Thank you."
*Flash Back ends"

Sakura said, "Come on Naruto we have some some thing for you." Naruto asked, "What is it?" Hinata blindfold him with his headband. Then his wives carried him to the Hogake's mansion's office. Then Sakura and Ino put a Naruto's new orange and black flames Hogake's jacket. Then Hokuto took off his Headband off. Hinata put the Hogake's hat on him. The wives kissed him. Naruto hugged them all. Then they went back home. They start living life as a normal family as possible. Naruto looked up at that picture of all of this kids with him including Sasuke's kids.
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