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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 18
The terrible truth

Denu went to Ibiki and said, "I''d got information for you." Ibiki said, "Okay let's hear it." Denu gave him a scroll. So they opened the scroll up. They saw Wanted poster for Naruto. Ibiki said, "This again." Denu asked, "Should I tell him the truth?" Ibiki said, "You sure! Since he has a child with the Hyuuga clan. Now Denu was thinking about tricking Naruto and deicide not to trick him.

Denu said, "ANBU and Root ninjas. It's time to show Hogake-sama the truth!" The ninjas asked, "Are you sure?" Denu said, "I'd want Naruto to know the truth so he won't repeat it before I'd died." So he went to see Naruto.

Denu knock on the door Hinata said, "It's you Denu-sama.." Denu asked, "Is Naruto here?" Shion came in as said, "Oh Denu-sama. Naruto isn't here." Denu said, "Sorry to bother you ladies but wait I think you need to take Naruto's kids to Yuugao Uzuki." They asked, "Why!" Denu had a nervous transformed into a curtain looked and a worried looked on his face. Then Denu said, "Gather all of the Naruto's wives meet me at the Gates. I'll take take the kids to Yuugao."

Yuugao said, "Hey Denu-sama. It been a while since I'd babysitting in my teen years." The kids went and in the house. Denu said, "Don't worried Gekkou Hayate was a good ninja." Yuugao said, "So was the Fifth." They both started crying. They hugged each other to make each other comfort. They closed their eyes. The they kissed. They were shocked. The kids was outside you can see them playing through the window. Then Yuugao said, "Sorry about that. You see it been a while since I'd kissed a guy." Denu said, "I'd feel the same way with a girl." Yuugao said, "I actually like kissing you." Denu said, "I'd loved kissed kissed you as well." Yuugao pushed him down on the couch and said, "I'm so sorry." Then she'd started kissed him all over his body. Denu said, "I'd have to go now. I'll return to finish what we had started."

Naruto's wives all said, "You are late!" Naruto said, "Don't tell me you are the new Kakashi-sensei!" Denu said, "Sorry about that ." After Denu transform into the Beast. Denu said, "Naruto I know your Kushina was told you what really happen on your birthday. Now I'd show what truly happen." Denu used a time travel jutsu.

They arrives a few years before Naruto was born. Denu meets his younger self in the ANBU. Itachi came up and said, "Denu-sensei I didn't you have a twin?" Both Denu started to giggle. Denu with the Naruto and Naruto's wives. Denu said, "I'm from the Future." Itachi said, "Okay." Itachi asked, "Is that?" Denu said, "Yes it is." Itachi said to Naruto and his wives, "You and the girls. Here are some ANBU outfits." Denu said, "Naruto here already meet his parents." So all of them put the ANBU outfits on. Itachi said, "Denu you stay here and don't let anyone know you are here from the future." Denu said, "I'd know the rules cause I'd created them myself." Itachi smiles.

Itachi said, "Hinata goes to you house in this time." Hinata said, "Okay" When she got to her house. She saw Madara with the Elder of the Hyuuga. Elder of the Hyuuga said, "The Blood Red Habanero refused to be come either Hizashi's or Hiashi's wife. This is a insult to the Hyuuga. So much that I'll put a bounty on her head." Madara thinking this will work in our favor. So they agreed on it.
Hinata asking herself who is The Blood Red Habanero? After the Madara and the Elder of the Hyuuga clan left the room. They forgot to put away the picture of the The Blood Red Habanero. It was on the table. Hinata enters slowly and she'd pick the picture. She's getting nervous when she'd turned the picture over and the back of the picture reads: Kushina Uzumaki aka The Blood Red Habanero.
Hinata thinking no wonder that Naruto don't love me cause my clan killed his clan expect for the most beautiful girl in his clan.

Naruto went to the Hogake and said, Fhourth! Minato said, "Come on in." Denu(younger version) said, "I'd find this near the forbidden cave." Minato said, "Before I judge him. I'd need to see his face first." Naruto said, "Okay father!" Minato was shocked. Denu and Naruto started laughing. Kushina came in and asked, "Who is the goofball?" Naruto asked, "I guess!" Naruto took off his mask. Kushina was shocked and asked, "Are you Naruto our son?" Naruto nodded his head. Naruto asked, "Bring me all my wives." Kushina said, "You are a quite a ladies man are you!" Naruto blushes said, "I wasn't that handsome when I was little. " Naruto's wives came in and Naruto said, "These are my parents." Itachi took a picture of all of Naurto's wives with Naruto's parents.

So they head back to the cave travel back to their own time. Denu said, "Itachi you are the best Uchiha and the most trusted Uchiha that this world ever know."

Chapter 19
The Deaths

The ninjas that find out that Naruto had bounty on his family. They are planing to kidnapped them. At dusk when everyone was asleep. Naruto used his Clones to guard the houses that his kids were at.
The ninjas said, "He's more smart than he looks." Now he's going to Tamaki, Fuki, Kasumi, Ami, Yakumo, Amaru, Emina, Fuuma Sasame, Haruna, Nan, Hokuto, Shion, Guren, Konan and all of the wives expect for Ino, Karin, Hinata and Sakura.

The ninjas killed Tamaki, Fuki, Kasumi, Ami, Yakumo, Amaru, Emina, Fuuma Sasame, Haruna, Nan, Hokuto, Shion, Guren and Konan. Ino, Karin, Sakura and Hinata killed those ninjas. Naruto kissed his dying wives on their lips. They said, "I'm glad that I had least one child with you." Naruto started to cry. So the next morning. Naurto have to tell the kids what happen and some of them mothers are dead. Naruto said, "Don't worried they will be always watching over you in those stars. Are you mothers eyes." The kids hugged Naruto. Hinata and Sakura said, "We wanted to be your new mommies." Kids said, "Okay."

Chapter 20
Hinata's death

Sakura was staring at Hinata. She remembers when she was helping Hinata moving into the Naruto's and her house.
*Flash back*
Sakura stumble into a chapel that was for Naruto. She'd saw a blue clothing. She's also stumble upon Hinata likes Sasuke as well.
Hinata said, "Get out of there Sakura" with a mean and shocked look on her face.
Sakura said, "You little sneak"
Hinata said, "You mission is done so get out of her."
Sakura said to herself I'll use this as blackmail. Na She's to sweet for anybody to think this is true but I know one person who will.

Sakura went to the flower shop and Sakura whispered Ino what she found out about Hinata.
Ino had a shocked on her face.
*Flash Back ends*

Hinata find out that Sakura told Ino and Ino told Tenten and so on. Hinata was about to killed Sakura. Naruto asked, "What got into you girls?"
Hinata killed herself before Naruto could stop her. Naruto kissed Hinata on her lips. Naruto asked, "Why Am I cruse?"
Sakura said, "Please don't look at me like that. Naruto." Naruto was worried his cruse will killed Sakura-chan too.

So Naruto left the village to start his journey like Jiraiya did. Sakura left with Ino and they all three left the village after Naruto picked Denu as the Hogake.
Naruto left the village after kissed Sakura's forehead and Sakura returned his kissed on his lips. They started wondering when will they see each other again.
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