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You ppl need a life

All of a sudden this manga brings up the first hokages wife who was whirlpool village & the whirlpool village was know for being great at seals, Is it possible the the 1st WIFE actually did a great deal of damage by sealing some of madaras power OR is it possible that the 1st learned seals from his wife similar to the 4th hokage. WHO KNOWS what type of seal it was, LOL knowing this manga they will probably say its the most powerful seal even capable of sealing a sharigan, Hell who knows if the seal actually sealed madara & some how his brother came back in his body. AFTER ALL WE DONT KNOW EXACTLY what happens if a person with eternal mankekyo dies who is allegedly IMORTAL. So in my opinion a seal was placed on the actual madara back when the first & madara battled, & either it sealed madaras power (shell of his former self) or if some how if you have eternal sharigan since you are actually using your brothers eyes he comes back in that body, Think about it why tobi is scared of kobutos box, *

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