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Re: You ppl need a life

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
I didn't want to use the immature card, but you leave me no choice *Cough* European Discoveries *cough*

Seriously, why so much hatred towards us, Europeans? I, for one, don't hate the US, but dislike the "US pwns" comments.
NO I dont hate Europe. I just have pride in my country and its ass kicking abilities as you have pride in Portugal and its cute woman making abilities. Your country in particular should be thanked (or get an award) for bringing the contribution of genetic makeup for Brazillian chicks. But back on topic, we kicked ass when we were under the thumb of England as a ragtag army and they have been on our dicks ever since (even riding with Bush's stupid ass on that Iraq shit). We also saved Europe's ass in WWII. All of you would probably be speaking German if it wasn't for us. But the point is....We have kicked ass and we take immense pride in it as you can see. But no, I dont hate Europe. You guys have cool shit over there and have contributed some shit to the world too though. But Im American so I take pride in that.

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