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Re: You ppl need a life

Originally Posted by NamikazeNaruto View Post
(I speak for myself.)
There is no hate for Europeans or even Europe. But as Kinako said I am (possibly overly) proud of my country. I don't see US as superior or any other European country inferior, but we have come a long way.

Comparing US and Europe (I agree Numinous) is like comparing apples and oranges because Europe has so much history and America is relatively new. But (not concerning the past) I think it is more of a comparison of the 2 today.

Edit:@Kinako- Brazil does have some fine woman.
Hell yeah. I would also like to thank Spain for bringing their genetic contribution to our side of the atlantic (Mexican chicks and other hispanic chicks), England for bringing us Slick Rick, France for their wine, the Netherlands for bringing us Amsterdam, the Irish and Scottish for bringing us whiskey, Greece for the Gyro and cool ass mythology, Italy for bringing us their delicious ass food and fine women, Germany for inventing the sandwich, and if I forgot your country....Oh well. My bad.

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