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Re: You ppl need a life

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Oh yeah, we know how to make our babes hot, thank you very much.

Portuguese sailors set loose to unknown seas with craptastic nut shells and almost always had the disadvantage against Spain, but we survived to tell our history. So we Portuguese know how American feel about the English, so there's more reason for you to NOT call us dickriders and loleuropeans.

Correction, PART of Europe. Portugal, for example, had no problem with the German and they didn't intend to invade us (they learned their lesson in WWI when they failed at taking Azores away from us). Funny thing, we gave resources to Germany and US so either way Portugal didn't need its ass saved.
Ahh i see. So Portugal has ass kicking ablities as well. Most of that post before wasnt directed specifically at Portugal though. Plus I never said loleuropeans. I was talking about Europe (and the World) in general though when it came to the whole dickriding thing. Oh well, I was just bringing comedy to this here situation.

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