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Re: You ppl need a life

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
I do, trust me.

And this is where I beg to differ. I don't know what your definition of region is, but for me the US aren't a region. North America is a region that is composed by Canada, US, Mexico and many other countries, depending if you include Mesoamerica and Caribbeans in North America or not. So by my book North America and Europe are comparable, US and France are comparable, US and Europe are not.

That's why generalizations are bad. Portugal is still Europe, so any offense to Europe is an offense to us Portuguese.

And it wasn't you who said loleurope, was Miburo, sorry for not being specific.
Its all good. We still can fuck shit up though. But wait a min...What the hell was this thread about before the virutal WWIII cracked off??? It started off as bullshit....then from Farenheit vs. Celcius it turned into US against the World???

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