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Re: You ppl need a life

Originally Posted by Lalalila View Post
I don't know what's your definition of stupidity, but In my opinion lack of informations doesn't make anyone stupid or worse then others. For me stupidity is incompetent using of informations you have learn or gain. And I really doubt people who living in mudhuts are naturally stupid... in the way of my definition.

If you think the person who know more is better then not educated person then you too have fucked up value system.
Consider the example of Cambodia. You know why the general population of Cambodia is unintelligent and uneducated? BECAUSE THE SMART PEOPLE GOT KILLED BACK IN THE 70s. These "mudhut" nations are controlled by totalitarian dictators who fucking kill the free-thinking, intelligent types. Those who are lucky and simply go along with the horrible, horrible status quo are the ones who survive in those kinds of nations. That is not a conducive environment for the "blossoming of intelligence". By the time the Feudal Era ended in the Western World and the Islamic World, education was already becoming a central part of society, and it's because of this that the most intelligent people were capable of spreading both knowledge and passing on their intelligence. The populations of the so-called "mudhut" nations lives depend on being "stupid" and not making themselves targets for the governments that are entirely willing to kill them for nothing.

I didn't insult Americans for being Americans -_- I don't give a fuck what country you are from, just don't act so high and mighty... and douche in Miburo case.

And I'm going to sleep! sajonara.
Wait....wait....oh my god. THAT'S A FUCKING PREJUDICED STEREOTYPE AGAINST AMERICANS RIGHT THERE. DON'T YOU GET IT!? We're not being "high and mighty". We're not saying that we hate all countries that aren't America, and that America is automatically better at everything. Non-Americans WANT TO THINK THAT WE DO ACT LIKE THAT. Don't you understand how it works? The entire "stupid, arrogant American" stereotype is based around the fact that other FIRST-WORLD COUNTRIES like the UK and France don't like America and literally make shit up to try to get other people to join in the bandwagon against the USA. And you know why they do this? TO GET OTHER COUNTRIES TO IGNORE THEIR FAULTS. Where was this "stupid Americans..." crap during the Cold War? You know why it wasn't there? BECAUSE THEY HAD RUSSIA TO DEMONIZE. The less powerful of the "WORLD POWERS" of any time period will find one nation among the most powerful to get everyone else to hate to make themselves look good in comparison. This has been going on for centuries. Anyone who isn't American has no qualms just jumping into a commentary that just exists to bash AMERICA because it's AMERICA and nobody is supposed to like AMERICANS. See it on Youtube all the fucking time. And you know what happens any time an American tries to defend himself or his country? PEOPLE LIKE YOU SAY THEY'RE BEING ARROGANT, GLOATING BASTARDS.
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