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Re: One Piece 591

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
They can't go back to SA, so they got no other choice. Since Chopper was reading the newspaper when he got that reaction i wonder what it is. Maybe a secret message embedded in something weird lol. Something only the SHs would notice.

Btw, Rayleigh is insanely beastly. Dude swam to AL lol, that's badass.
probably just the magnitude of execution and the big showdown. doubtful the govt would release news that all the prisoners were released or was broken into. that would just be begging for all the pirates to unite and destroy it completely. this way it just stays "myth". maybe a slip on info about what prisoner was there and he noticed it? maybe that clown gene med mutation chick that i cant remember the name. the one that healed luffy.
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