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Re: One Piece 591

Originally Posted by mogle42 View Post
probably just the magnitude of execution and the big showdown. doubtful the govt would release news that all the prisoners were released or was broken into. that would just be begging for all the pirates to unite and destroy it completely. this way it just stays "myth". maybe a slip on info about what prisoner was there and he noticed it? maybe that clown gene med mutation chick that i cant remember the name. the one that healed luffy.
The person you are thinking of is Emporio Ivankov and even though he wears langerie, that's still a dude. In fact, he's the toughest gay dude in manga. He just has a hormone based devil fruit that allows him to change to a woman if need be as well as controlling all hormones in the human body. Come to think of it, if you compare the Ivankov/Dragon teamup to Sanji/Luffy then maybe Sanji should stay gay and become the "Ivankov" of the crew. Another thing, what if Mr.2 turns out not to be dead?? After all they did report that Magellan got beaten half to death though. Even though it was prob BB who did it, I think that gives a window for Mr. 2 to survive. After all I still think that the SH crew needs one more member to even up numbers-wise with the BB crew. You already know Luffy is gonna go for his head by the end of the series.

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