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Re: Whats wrong with being mean on a forum?

I'm simply saying that rationality has a lot to do with how we decide to treat people. Being nice to someone can be, in most cases, considered reasonable. Being reasonable and understanding of one's feelings can be considered rational. And taking those feelings into account when the situation calls for it will most likely compel you to not hurt someone's feelings. This is why most people consider it wrong.

Now, as for you not being rational by not caring about other's feelings, well there's a lot of things to consider. Like are you just being mean to someone for no reasonable reason at all? That's not really reasonable, and not really rational. This is, I guess, the basis for why being mean is wrong to most people. At least, that is, if we're using the same definition of rationality here. lol

I will admit, I was massively generalizing when I said that's the one part of you that isn't rational, though.
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