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Re: You ppl have no life REMIX EDITION

Originally Posted by TrueUCHIHA View Post
please...people only think miburo and tsuna are smart cuz they can ban people. I see vengeance numinous sennin korby Silverblade Kyf and Myth(what happened to her) as the top dogs of the naruto section although im clearly the most popular. now if i was to have a intellectual debate with any of the people i just named(no...not about naruto) im positive id win. but i know exactly how the debate would go. either like this.

A.) "You believe in God so everything u think automatically doset make sense"
B.) "Your stupid because i dont like ur arguement"
A.) Believing in God is a religion or should I say a system of beliefs, rules and regulations to live by according to one's lifestyle. If you believe in God then cool. I think religion debates are fucking stupid. Lets not go there.

B.) Your argument would be stupid if you didn't provide enough evidence to back it up. Also in debating. It's either A. You Agree or B. You disagree. Pick your side.

No the moderators who post on here are intelligent. They enforce the rules. THATS ALL.

Oh sure have an intellectual debate then with us since you're cocky like Sasuke and would get your shit destroyed like Sasuke.
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