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Re: Is it possible for man to live a moral life without religion?

What other people believe is irrelevant, since that doesn't make it true. Yes, many people erroneously link morality to religion. That simply isn't the case. I lead a relatively moral life by today's standards without any religious belief whatsoever. None of my actions or beliefs are influenced by a faith in religion.
Incorrect. You may have lived a moral life without religious belief but you have NOT lived a moraly positive life without any influence of Religion at all. I am sure that who ever has told u what is right and what is wrong has borrowed their beliefs from or have been influenced by religion. Wether or not you accept religon isnt the issue here. its wether or not u have been influnced by it, which you have.

You might shit and say that ancient greeks had religion and therefore aristotle was influenced by it, or whatever. But that wouldn't matter since I wouldn't know anything about their religion, and his virtue theory doesn't reference religion at all. I'd have no clue as to religions existence. I'd only be exposed to a rational morality. There you go. Morality without religion.
Going by your logic you are saying that because you are ignorant to the existence of something that means you are in no way influenced by it. I wont take the time to debunk this because the flaw in this statement is to great to be counted as a valid argument.

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