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Re: Is it possible for man to live a moral life without religion?

Tsuna, I appreciate you making fun of my intellegence in this thread, It shows your maturity level in this debate and wether or not i can hold your views valid.

This is not a jab at your intelligence or lackthereof

In short: Yes, because we live in civilized society where everything from laws to traditions to popular media are influenced by religion, whether or not we believe in said religion is void - we are surrounded by it from birth, it is in our schools, our governments, even the values of our respective societies as a whole, despite whether or not said values, governments, schools, or what so have you, are directly related to religious beliefs.

Although this is certainly true, one's personal beliefs need not have anything at all to do with religion. Even if one could argue that said beliefs have stemmed from religious backgrounds, that does not mean that one's moral system is irrevocably based on religion itself. This is where rationality comes in.

The fact of the matter is, just because we, as a people, are influenced by religion by nurture does not mean we are incapable of reasoning and morality in the absence of it.
Where this may be true we can not verify this. Mostly because one we will never again live in a world without religion, and two whos to say that the "moral reasoning" a person comes up with in the absence of religion is moral at all.

Now im not saying that positive moral reasoning outside of religion isnt possible im just saying a valid example has yet to be seen. Because as i said our laws today are based off religion similar to how hamurabis code was tied to religion as well

This statement makes no sense. How can you be influenced by something when you aren't even aware of its existence?
And you cant be serious about this can you? For instance just because someone is not aware of who are what Jesus is does not mean that their life has been uninfluenced by him at all. Ignorance to a fact does not make it untrue.
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