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Re: Can rich Christians go to heaven according to the bible?

Originally Posted by RNB View Post
No one is criticizing hard-earned money. However, I am sure that if Jesus had a ton of money, he would probably give it away to the poor. Jesus didn't have many possessions because he was busy trying to heal people and preach to people. Of course, I am assuming that a Christian's goal is to be like Christ.
Jesus's calling from God was what it was. He was called to preach. Everyone is called to preach. But who said that preaching means speaking. Who said that giving up all of your possessions is the only way to be Christian. Don't those who lead with their actions also preach with their actions? Our first problem with this debate though is that we are excepting that wealth is a bad thing. Nowhere in the bible does it say that wealth is bad. The bible urges people to use their wealth for good. So the second problem with the debate is what is good.

Is the government good because it gives money to the poor that they have taken from others? What if the money they gave was used by the poor to buy drugs and used for violence. Then aren't they just creating more evil. Is it good that the money given helps 1 person but enslaves 100 others?

So now we reach the third problem. If money taken is given to those who have not earned it is the money (wealth) of any value. My answer is no. That money that has not been earned through the labor of ones mind is of no value the minute it touches their hands. It may make them momentarily wealthy but that wealth will be lost. Take the recent crash of the housing market for example. The government foremost and the banks additionally gave out wealth to those they knew had not earned it and could not afford it. For years wealth and money were created. But under the premise that money unearned is of no value that wealth disappeared taking a lot of earned money with it. It takes your mind to make money not an open hand.

Back to the Christian question. I am a Christian and feel that wealth and money is the worse thing I can turn over to those who haven't earned it. That is the worst disservice I could do to any man on this earth. To turn him into a slave of my generosity. To get pleasure out of knowing that he needs my sorrow for him. But the greatest pleasure I can get is letting that same man earn my money. To pay him his due as I reap more wealth to in turn help pay other men their due's for money earned. You are right I won't be able to take money with me but I will be damned if I leave it behind to spread more sin, more apathy. And it is wrong for any man to try and accuse me of hypocrisy for a situation he obviously does not understand.
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