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Re: Is it possible for man to live a moral life without religion?

Originally Posted by Law&Order View Post
Originally Posted by AkamaruChewtoy View Post
Simply, social animals who act against the desires of the group often find themselves on the outside of mating. Therefore, these rogue individuals either A) conform or B) do not procreate decreasing the rogue behaviour in the group. The basic need to produce offspring in a species that relies on its own members for prosperity (such as humans are) will naturally give rise to a code of morality. Religion is an effective manner to pass this morality to a larger group. Therefore, religion is more likely a product of moral teachings and not the other way around. By this, if you have morality before religion, you can have morality without religion.
This statement is laughable and what I despise in a human being. No man should rely on others for their prosperity, they should only have to rely on themselves to create their own prosperity. This comments is not towards you Chewtoy just a comment in general of how no man should be able to determine another mans value or worth but how each creates his own for himself.
I understand your ideal of "a man should stand on his own", but I think you misunderstood my point. By prosperity, I meant "survival of the species to the point where they can thrive." Humans evolved out of Africa amid a wide variety of megafauna which were either in A) direct competition with humans for resources or B) actively preying on humans. To overcome this, humans developed A) large, complex brains for thinking and B) a complex social network (becoming social animals) to organize enough numbers for safety and prosperity. (We can argue which came first some other time.) This mix of intelligence and society allowed humans to out-compete other animals for resources, produce more offspring and become a dominate force in the animal kingdom.

Yeah, now that we are top of the food chain and horribly overpopulated on this earth, reliance on one's own is far more feasible and recommended. We're running out of resources and it is up to those fortunate and talented enough to get what they need (headed towards severe internal species competition) but in the ancient past, reliance on your fellow human would have been paramount to survival of your group/tribe/clan.
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