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Re: Is it possible for man to live a moral life without religion?

Originally Posted by RNB View Post
If we are talking of faith as irrational belief than you are wrong. If you mean faith as in belief in general, than you would be right. You have to have values in order to be moral. I don't think that this "belief in general" was what the OP meant. He was likening it to religious belief, so the discussion would be on irrational belief.
I was trying to drag the argument away from the communal faith religion. Where everyone holds the values of that particular religion. In this instance each persons interpretation will be different causing their morals at some finite level to be different. It is impossible to argue the original question when you assume that no two people hold the same moral standards at every level. In the eyes of others I could never lead a moral life.

I wanted to take it into what people in religion are turning to which is faith which even Atheist have faith in something. I was looking for a connection that envelopes everyone. So yes belief in general.

Secondly, there is no such thing as "faith in nothing." You cannot "believe in nothing." Belief is an affirming action. When you say, "faith in nothing" the correct way to phrase that would be to "not believe." The way you phrase it makes it seem like it is related to faith, except when you look at what the statement actually means, it means non-belief. Non-belief is not related to faith at all since faith is a form of belief.
But to not believe you have to have a Faith in your ideals. You have to have a confidence and trust in your decision.
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