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Re: You ppl have no life REMIX EDITION

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Actually he is just a stupid person. I called him a moron because he actually is one.

Whats sad is that you actually think he debated intelligently which just makes you look stupid. He basically gave up his position in the first section of his argument. Frankly speaking he really didn't show much intelligence at all in that debate. The actual topic & opening statement was copied from an outside source.

Like I said what FT said didn't piss me off. What you're doing now is what is actually pissing me off.
Did I ever say that he did well? No. TU did better than expected by not fucking around. He didn't win the argument by any means, he didn't put forth a good argument, but he did more than anyone expected him to, because he actually did put forth an argument. And he explicitly stated that he didn't entirely agree with the stance he took, but he took it on that topic because he knew which side OH would take. He's nowhere near as dumb as his trolling posts make him out to be.

O you're not gona argue now after I tried to end this conversation like 2 times now?
I'm not going to argue anymore after this because you tried to end it. And then you kept going, so I'll keep going for one last post.

Again with the Knight in shiny armor who the fuck made you the enforcer of this forum? What is it about me that gets to you? I could be a hell of allot worse just ask Myth, Shrike, or Mikey on just how much of a fucking dick I can be. I mellowed out allot however I'm not going to put up with your constant bullshit just because you're trying to make a name for yourself by constantly going after my post.
I'm not trying to make a name for myself. Do you really think that I enjoy entirely subjective arguments? I'm not forcing anything on you, it just annoys the hell out of me when people decide to just insult people for the sake of doing so. And that's primarily what bothers me: you choose so few of the people that actually deserve flak for the idiocy behind their posts to actually take jabs at. The people that tend to deserve shit for their idiocy are the ones that are arrogant assholes who think the world revolves around them and that they're never wrong. Not the people who aren't sure of themselves, or are just misinformed. Or like TU, who you could say deserves flak, but there you're just giving him what he wants, so why bother?

I'm voicing my opinion about that reject. Nothing more or less.
Fair enough.

@Tsuna: I'm done! Geez! White flag, armistice, whatever!
I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

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