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Re: One Piece 592 spoilers

pic 10
Narrator: Winter island, Land of Future "Bulgemore"

marine: It's an intruder!!
There is an intruder in Dr. Vegapunk's lab!!
Do not fire indoors!! Consider everything there as treasure of the world!!

Marines: Freeze!!
Franky: I didn't expect marines to be here...!!
*aims cannon*, I can't shoot it!!

Franky: Treasure? That lab?
old man: Yes, Vegapunk, who is the leader of the marine scientist is our pride and joy
His brain is our country... no, the entire world's treasure!
That place is where Vegapunk grew up as a youth...

pic 11
flashback cont
old man: You see how oddly shaped that mountain is?
He created that when he was a young child, to help the people living here in this country in extreme cold.
He modified the creatures of the forest to become laborers to create it... but it was never finished.
Franky: What in the heck is that?
old man: It's an Earth Heating System that warms the entire island.
Franky: ...!?
old man: But... unfortunately for him, as always, the reality cannot catch up to the brilliant plan he has in his mind.
There's not enough technology and funds to bring it to reality.
As he cried for failing to aide his people.... our hearts surely did warm.

Franky: Ok, that's SUPER moving!!

old man: is that so...
We are always waiting for his return.
Now that you understand, please don't ever go back into that lab equipped with "Self Destruct Switch"
Franky: Whoa, hold it there, did you just utter the name of the most meaningless switch ever!?

Franky: Anyways, I can't promise that. The icebreaker ship I need to get out of this island only exists in that lab, right!?
I have my own reasons !! I heard on the news that my captain just went through hell!!

pic 12
old man: Wait!! Don't ever press.... the Self Destruct Switch!!
Franky: Why in the hell would I press that!? Why did they even make such a thing!?
flashback ends

Franky: ...but geez, this is SUPER awesome.
I can't believe he came up with this invention when he was young!?
All these plans are impossible to achieve for another 2-300 years....
I understand... as a technician, I wouldn't want to lay a finger to this place either

Marine commander: If you damage ANYTHING in that house of genius while pursuing the suspect....
consider yourself facing penalization for criminal offense!
Marine: Yes sir!!

Citizen: An intruder in the lab!? How terrible!
Even one of those plans is priceless value!!

Franky: Hm, a pirate symbol?


pic 13
Narrator: And this... is how the terrible "Nightmare at Bulgemore" incident happened on Land of the Future.
Marine: Marine HQ!!!! This is Bulgemore!!! A terrible incident just took place here!!!

Franky flashback: Can I ask one thing...? If in a million chance that I did press the button....
is that..... my fault....?
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