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Re: One Piece 592 spoilers

Last part

pic 14
Narrator: Meanwhile, in Namakura island, the land of poverty Harahettanya
(Harahettanya is a pun, it's like Hungrymeow)

citizen: Thank you!! The Devil King, Master Satan!!
I never thought to see the day when we would cage these long-armed bandits!
citizen: When I heard the song you wrote and played, for some reason we were filled with courage and fighting spirits!
We took up arms for the first time in our lives, and fought!
citizen: of course, we didn't fare very well, and it was you that took them down...
Thanks to that, we have all our abducted people back!

Brook: Yohohoho I only lent my hand because you fought them yourselves.

pic 15

Brook: Neither God nor the Devil would lend a hand to you if you do not fight yourself.
In an era like this... let me give you a piece of advice.
Even after I leave, you yourselves must be able to fend off the evils that may befall on your people.

citizen: ....!! How benevolent of you..!! We feel we may be able to change from now!!
Thank you ver much!! Thank you, Master Satan!!

Brook: (I hope this repaid my duty here....
...I saw a terrible, terrible news... Luffy, you are alright are you not?
Just thinking about the pain you are feeling, my heart ackes!!
.....Although I don't have a heart!!
Luffy, we'll sing together again!! I'm on my way! To save your heart!!)

Longarm: Damn...!! I never thought a Devil would their bodyguard!!
Longarm: We figured if we took these strange rare human beings with only one joint on their arms,
we'd make a fortune by showing them to our countrymen....!!

pic 16
citizen: well now... these "longarms" with two joints on their arms....
If we make a show of them, we'd make a fortune!
Brook: Wait...Wait!! Please, stop!! You're doing exactly the same thing what they have!!
citizen: What!? You mean to tell us to let them go!?
Brook: Don't worry... I have made a devil's pact with them...
(turns to the Longarms)
Listen, if you break the promise with me and practice evil deeds in this land again....
I will come and eat your hearts out!!!
Longarms: GYAAAA!!!!

Longarm: Thank you for letting us free!!! We'll return to our lands right away!
Please spare us!! We will never come near this land again!
Brook: Yohoho! All is good with the world again...

pic 17
Longarm: Alright now.... Get him!!
Brook: Whaaaat!!? Why!? How come!?
Longarm: There's no such thing as the devil, you idiot.
Brook: Huh!?
Longarm: You're strong, but if we tie you up like this, it's our turn!

Longarm: If we take back this strange moving skeleton, we'd be a millionair!
Brook: Noooo!!! I have a place to return!!

citizens: Master Satan has been captured!!
Everyone, get ready to summon the next devil!!
citizen: yeah!! We can summon demons now!! With panties!

Brook: (Luffy, when you're in pain, let's sing! That's what we musicians are here for! I'm coming for you right now........)
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