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Re: Sexiest Cosplay Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in a grisly mood atm, so here a few grisly cosplay

called her woteva u want, once dis bitch don't pop-up during one of my marathons i'm fine!!!

The Entire Motley Crew of Silent Hill looking their best (i mean it too, that I cleanest Pyramid Head and Nurses I eva seen)

Nurse (Silent Hill), she fittttttttt!!! just need to look really close

Misty (Pokemon), tell me if she qualifies to enter amongs this catergory, there seems to be something just off about her, or it could be the wig, since I can't knock the body ( which is fit) I'll edit her out on yr say so

Much better than some dude dress as Jessie from Team Rocket
Which of these would you take home

Here is Aizen Advert for recruiting Vasto Lordes because I can't imagine how else he does it.

Becoming a Vasto Lorde does have its privileges, e.g you get to choose which meal you want today from a menu of hollows (big and small), adjucha, humans and the main course Shinigami's, but wait it's doesnt end there if you rip your mask off, you get the ultra special form of ARRANCAR, this baby comes with special Shinigami powers, extra powerful moves, like Grand-ray Cero and the extremely rare Zanpakuto. So sign up today, offer ends 31st Dec, terms and conditions apply. Please see Gin or Tosen for any further more details.

Here is a link to the sexiest thread ever

(Visiting my Profile may cause Epileptic Fit/Raucous Laughter)

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