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Re: Is it possible for man to live a moral life without religion?

@ Miburo (&Vanity), I get the argument pertaining to the og question and I agree that a man can live a moral life without religion. I was going a bit deeper, yeah it is a bit of a step off the path that I have taken and am asking more to reason with someone than to try and argue points. I am having more of an argument in my head about morality than on this forum. The thing with morality that I have a problem with grasping is that there has to be an equation, a set of rules that I can apply to every situation to come up with right and wrong. This equation should hold true across the universe similar to E=MC^2, you may not believe it or understand it but it is a physical truth that every is affected by. I was raised Catholic so I base my religious knowledge off of my raising. Even following the Ten Commandments and additional teachings of the bible you will always come to a situation where two persons of catholic faith will have disagreements of the morality of a situation. That is why you elect a figure head to hold the final saying on what is right and wrong. This equation of morality will always be flawed and is like proclaiming that the world is flat when you know it isn't. But if no religion can define a set of rules to provide the basic equation for understanding morality then who can. Logic? Government? How can man come up with an equation of morality that will let every man prosper under his own ability, without hurting another man's chances of survival, while dealing with each other under a mutual agreement?

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