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Re: You ppl have no life REMIX EDITION

Originally Posted by Nerox511 View Post
mal- props for the beard

rest of you guys, i didn't see one of you with such an epic beard, so don't talk about a "brotherhood"...i have a beard too, but no full beard just on the chin, and i wouldn't say it is that awesome.
Kiss my ass LOL. I had a full beard in one of my pics my hoodie was blocking the sides. But no my shit aint like Mal's right now though cause I shaved mine yesterday to a goatee. I'm also EPIC with or without the full beard. Im just entertaining myself and others here until one of you changes the subject. I just seen Mal had one so I just built some shit off that. It was all for shits and giggles really.

@NN it's all good. Mal was right though

@Lalalila That aint Jesus It's the Count of Monte Cristo. The nigga got locked up for 13 years for some shit he got framed for, escapes and kills everyone who had something to do with it. EPIC.

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