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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 6
The kidnapers

Ino, Sasuto, Yamato and Sai are on a mission together. They heard rumors about how powerful these rogue ninjas are They proclaim themselves as the last survivors of the Whirlpool Country. meanwhile,
Few miles away eight hooded ninjas was attacking the 3 ninjas that has Craftsman Village ninjas' armor, Sky Country ninjas' flying gear, Snow Country ninjas' armor and Moon Country ninjas' armor cause those country are now ruled by a Empire.
The hooded ninjas are wearing Hunter ninja mask. Ino notice that their forehead protector headband had the same symbol of goodwill and friendship of the leaf village ninjas. Ino had a flash back that Sakura told her that Naruto told Sakura that the symbol of
goodwill and friendship was actually the Eddy village of the Whirlpool Country." Flash back ends.

Ino said, "Those guys are from the Whirlpool Country." Yamato said, "I'd guess Naruto couldn't kept his mouth shut. The only other survivors from there was actually the ones that destroyed it. The Eddy Village was known as the Village of Longevity as well as they are specialized in the sealing techniques. They are more faster the the yellow flash that taught Kakashi-senpai." Sasuto said, "That' could mean that they are my relatives. They mite could teach me how do to those seals." Yamato said, "Don't do it." Sasuto said, "My grandpa always want to meet his fellow clansmen." Sai said, "You are define are Naruto's grandson." Sasuto said, "Thanks!" Sai said, "That wasn't a compliment." Sai had a flash back of Naruto saying that same quote to him." flash back ends. Sai send ink mouse to Konoha

Back at Konoha and inside the Hogake's mansion. Konohamaru saw Sai's ink mouse. Konohamaru order Shikamaru to bring him Chouji, Kiba and Shino. Shikamaru mumbled, "What a drag." So he brings them to Hogake and Konohamaru said, "You Shikamaru are the captain of this 4 team until you reached Captain Yamato." They all agreed and they went on their way.

Back at in the forest by the border of spring country that was former know as Snow country.The hooded ninjas too notice of Sasuto's symbol on his back and kidnap him then they throw a smoke bomb to escape to their hideout. Chouji, Kiba and Shino with Shikamaru got there little be late. Kiba asked, "I'd thought Konohamaru-sama told us that Sasuto was with you guys?" Sai said, "He was until the hooded ninjas saw Eddy village symbol on his back that wasn't on a leaf village vest. They snatch him and exscape." Ino said, "We have to find him he's gonna to be my grandson in law! Shikamaru said, "Don't worry!"

They decide not to tell Naruto's kids and the grandkids as well about this Sasuto's kidnap. Then they asked for more back from Konoha. Neji, Tenten and Rock Lee came to help them. Shikamaru talk about the information that Konoha have on Uzumaki clan.

Mean while, In the Uzumkai Ninja's hide out. The Sasuto said, "let me go you scary cats!" The hooded and masked ninjas they took off their masked and took off their hooded cloak now. They said, "We saw you notice our village symbol on out masks and we knew that Uzumkai Kushina had a baby with the Fourth Hogake! We were the elite of the our clan but the evil "

They surprise that Uzumkai member has a Sharingan. So they kept him in a room. These Uzumkai took Naruto's Journal from Sasuto. They found out that he's related to Uchiha Sasuke, Namkaze Minato, Uzumkai Kushina and Naruto as well. They want to know more about Sasuto so they took Naruto's Journal away from him and start to read out loud to him.

One page got their attention was funny.

Naruto: So this is Sakura,
Mom: Ooooh she's quite a looker, honey!
Naruto: MOM!!! (Naruto is blushing)
Dad: Yeah, she might even surpass your mom!
Mom: WHAT DID YOU SAY MINATO DATTEBANE!!!!!!!! *slap punch*
Sakura: Uhh, I think I should say hi, but I think master's calling me...
Mom: DATTEBANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: Mom, stop that! You made Sakura's face uglier!!
Mom: DATTEBANE!!!!!!! *continues punching Minato*
Naruto: DATTEBAYOOOOOOOOoooo~ *gets punched by Sakura*
Mom: DATTEBANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naruto: DATTEBAYOOOoooo......!!! *translates to 'Someone SAVE MEEE!!!'*
Sakura: SHANNARO!!!!!!
Minato: Honeeeyy....

At the dock Ino, Neji, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Tenten, Neji and Chouji tried to stop them and they all died expect for Yamato and Sai. Sasuto returns to the village with his clones carried the dead bodies of the rest of the Nine Rookies with Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji.
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