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Re: One Piece 593 Spoilers

pic 11
Grandline, Sabaody archpelago
The dock where the Thousand Sunny is parked

Kidnapper: Hand over that ship!! That belongs to Strawhat Luffy, the son of the revolutionary Dragon, doesn't it!?
If we hand it over to the marines, they would pay us a pretty sum of cash!!
Look, we're in the same business... if you hand over that ship in peace, I'll be willing to split the money with you, Flying Fish Riders!!!
Duval: What's that? Did you say Handsome?
Kidnapper: How did you hear that from what I said!? Just hand over the ship, you idiot!!!

pic 12
Duval: Like the hell I wouldnurabeccha!!!

Duval: Listen up!! I, the gorgeously handsome Duval, would never hand over the ship of my benefactor under any romantic..I mean circumstances!!
While I'm alive, I won't let a finger on the young master's ship!! I would, however, like to lay a finger on a girl!!
Uh, I mean, Don't you even think you can lay your fingers on it!! Right guys!?
YES! Barasome!

pic 13
Camie: Woo!! Duvally, you're so cool~~!
Duval: See, I get love calls from chicks because I'm HANDSOME!
Duval: I love you too!!
Camie (talking to Hacchin): The first place we should take them is Mermaid Cafe! It's so fashionable there
Hacchin: Nyuuu the best place to sight see is the Fishman Karate dojo, Camie
Pappag: I promised that skeleton I will introduce him to the mermaid princess.

FFR: Master Duval, they're ignoring you!
Duval: Oh for real! Oh well, no biggie!
Camie: Hey Shakky-chan? They're gonna gather again using the vivre card, right? Thanks to the newspaper, we know Luffy-chin is doing fine!
Shakky: Yeah, it may take a little time... but it seems Ray got to Luffy safely.
Until then, we have to protect this ship somehow....
Duval: Hey sis! we're here to do just that! I don't care if marines or whatever come to...
FFR: Master Duval!!! It's Kuma!!!
Duval: A Bear? There's no bears on this island....

pic 14
It's the Shichibukai "Kuma"!!!!

pic 15
Grandline, Sandy isle, the nation of sand...
Alabasta Kingdom captial, Alubama

Cobra: What happened to the pirates?
Pell: We chased them off. No damage was done to the city.
We're strengthening the harbors, but...
Chaka: we'll have to be on alert for a while.
Cobra: I wish all pirates were like Luffy, but that is not the case.
Pell?: Oh that reminds me... have you read the morning papers, your majesty?
Cobra: Of course...
Vivi took the papers with her to her room, looking rather confused...
Vivi: Umm.... is it for fashion!? No it can't be, it's Luffy afterall....

pic 16
Grandline some nation, some town
Croc: it's only been 3 weeks since the war...
they barely escaped with their life intact, and now... what are they doing...??
Daz: I'm sure they're up to something. If not, they're nuts.
Croc: You think so, Daz?
Daz: The Strawhat was injured. Would those injury go away so easily?
Croc: kuku.... are you messing with me? Our wounds are already healed....
In fact, to prove it.. I'm going back to the good ol' New World. You coming with me?
Daz: Of course.

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