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Re: This forum is getting boring

Originally Posted by BronxKing1987 View Post
Every1 is re hashing the same shit over & over. Instead of creating good theorys ppl decide to make silly ass theorys about the marijuana village. This is very sad. Were is the creativity, YES I AM THE PERSON who makes you ppl have no life threads but thats only when i notice the forum starts to get more boring. PPL STEP YOUR GAME UP

* Just a Thought THREAD
the EMS and the final doujutsu....
why do narutotards
this thread should be sticky
Is base minato fast?
I don't know what is more sad:

The fact that you only joined this forum this month and you have already gotten bored with the idea that people are talking about the same stuff in Naruto. Literally, you've been here for, what? 3 chapters???

OR, the fact that you're great addition is to rehash the same theories you complain about with the same title of "You ppl have no life" displaying that you have nothing new to add to this "boring" forum and can't even be bothered to use the title bar properly.

We are not here to entertain you and keep you from the utter tedium of your own life. If you are bored of us, GET. THE. FUCK. OUT.
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