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Re: Why Sasuke is better then Naruto

Originally Posted by Lalalila View Post
1. Sasuke is cool

2. Sasuke have better techniques

3. Sasuke have Sharingan

4. Sasuke is handsome

5. Sasuke is not blond

6. Sasuke don't wear orange jump suit

7. Sasuke isn't wearing orange jump suit

8. Sasuke kicked Naruto's ass

9. Sasuke can summon birds

10. Sasuke isn't crybaby

11. Sasuke isn't scaredy-cat

12. Sasuke knows what's funny

13. Sasuke is smarter

14. Sasuke have another Sharingan

15. Sasuke killed Orochimaru

16. Sasuke have a goal in life

17. Sasuke killed his brother

18. Sasuke can create electricity

19. Sasuke tried to kill Sakura

20. Sasuke tried to kill Karin

21. Sasuke is taller then Naruto

22. Sasuke can burn you with eyes

23. Sasuke can kill you

24. Sasuke is cold as ice

25. Sasuke have mangakyou-sharingan

25. Sasuke killed Kage

26. Sasuke killed lizard

27. Sasuke killed Deidara

28. Sasuke have EMS

28. Sasuke is Uchiha

29. Sasuke father was Uchiha

29. Sasuke mother was Uchiha

30. Sasuke can summon snakes

31. Sasuke is not Narutotard

32. Sasuke is SASUKE!

33. Sasuke can walk on water... just like Jesus

You can add your own points to the list...
So this is the 33 things I like about Sasuke eh.....

My turn. My 33 things I love about Hinata.

1. Hinata is cute.

2. Hinata have better techniques then Sasuke.

3. Hinata have Byakugan

4. Hinata have D cup boobs.

5. Hinata have long black silky hair

6. Hinata don't wear orange jump suit

7. Hinata wears fishnet

8. Hinata punch a god. Literally.

9. Hinata confess.

10. Hinata is a crybaby. But men loves it.

11. Hinata is a scaredy-cat. But men likes it.

12. Hinata is very shy.

13. Hinata wants Naruto's babies

14. Hinata dance naked by the waterfall

15. Hinata kill a giant bee.

16. Hinata have a goal in life. To have Naruto's babies.

17. Hinata makes peace with Neji

18. Hinata can create energy lion

19. Hinata tried to kill Pain

20. Hinata tried to save Naruto.

21. Hinata is shorter then Naruto

22. Hinata can wash your cloth.

23. Hinata too cute to commit murder.

24. Hinata is hot as a shy, black hair, white eyes Jessica Alba.

25. Hinata doesnt not have pantheon of Japanese gods super uber jutsu.

25. Hinata doesnt want to be a Kage.

26. She wants to be a wife.

27. Hinata survive from Pain's stabbing

28. Hinata loves cooking

28. Hinata is a Hyuuga

29. Hinata's father is a Hyuuga

29. Hinata's mother is a Hyuuga

30. Hinata is not an Uchiha

31. Hinata have an awesome cousin

32. Hinata is uber cute.

33. Hinata can walk on water... just like any other ninja

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