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Re: Knuckle-Head & Cherry Blossom Blizzard Duo

Chapter 9
Karui's Apology

Sasuto searching his family house and find Naruto's Hogake's jacket and Minato's Hogake's jackets. Sasuto put Naruto's hogake jacket on. Something fell out of that jacket's pocket. It was a letter to Naruto from Karui. The letter reads:

Dear Naruto-sama,

This is my apology letter for hitting you. Sakura told me everything you went throu in your life. I'm sorry for that. Now I'm just want us to be friends. If there is anything the Cloud ninjas could do by the way I'm Jounin now. I also hoped that one day I'll be come Raikage some day.
I'd would've said that you need to need me for what I'd have done to you but I'd think Sakura did it for you.

sign your new friend,

That was the end of the letter.

Sasuto find out that Naruto visited Nagato's grave with Konan. "Naruto say thanks to you my fellow pupil. I'd meet my Dad for the first time!"
Konan said, "I'd see the Fourth Hogake reseal it inside you once more." Naruto just nodded his head.

So Sasuto look at the Naruto's missions data right before he became Hogake. Samui came to the Leaf Village to asked for help with a Haunted village. Kakashi picked Sakura and Naruto. Sasuto also find that Hogake's job is to face the hatred of this world. Sasuto said, "I'm a grandson of the Naruto and Sasuke." I have Sharingan and the Will of the Fire. Wait wants this Blast from the Past Modern from amnesia from Beasts no jutsu? Naruto couldn't kept it in tack without the First's necklace? No I'd know I have to do now. Denu-sama give all of Minato's decendants with his ability to transfer his eyes and the Akatsuki's powers to me. So now that Sorry this world is full of hatred and with all my powers. I'm here to stay but I'd transfer it back. The only way to break this one I'm going called it the Moon's Blast from the Past Modern from amnesia from Beasts no jutsu! The End of the Ninja system. All of the people that died came back to life expect those that died in the modern world.
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