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Re: Hello

Originally Posted by TrueUCHIHA View Post
How you doing Kilmoran. As you can see most of the users on this forum like to needlesly insult other users who they feel are "stupid", Thank you for illustrating that kael03.
Hey, don't mention it. Just doing my part. Honestly, I'm actually a pretty nice guy. But when I see cases of extreme stupidity and intentional retardation, such as every time lala posts, I can't fight the urge to say something.

If you ever feel like ur being picked on or anything TrueCREW will always have a spot open for you.
A word of advice, ignore this invitation. Trust me, it will be for your own good.

Also, I can guarantee that you won't be picked on if you 1) don't post anything stupid (see all of lala's posts if you want to know what qualifies as "stupid) 2) post something that contributes to the current topic and 3) don't necro threads that are more than a month old, chances are extremely good that no one remembers/cares about those topics.

Just contact me if need be.
See the above and all will be good in your world. FU and his failcrew will bring nothing but trouble to you if you join them.

Enjoy your stay pal
Basically this. I'm not trying to scare you away, just giving helpful advice that will, hopefully, make your time here that much more enjoyable.
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