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One Piece 595 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 595 Title: Oath

One Piece 595 English Spoilers Confirmed. One Piece 595 Translation by Aohige.

Color spread: Large sized poster spread in commemoration of One Piece volume 59 reaching 3.2 million prints, breaking all time manga publishing history.
pic 1
Chapter 595: An Oath
Grandline, near the Sabaody Archpelago

Heart pirate crew: What!? We’re not entering the New World yet!?
Law: I said we’ll wait for the time… don’t rush, One Piece isn’t gonna run away…
Crew: But you heard right? Those guys from Blackbeard pirates are wrecking the place already….
Law: Those who want to crush each other can go ahead and do so… it’s a stupid battle I’m not interested in getting involved.

Law: Stop talking nonsense, shut up and follow me…
I’ll rob whatever chair belongs to us…!!
Crew: Yeah!! Captain!!

(chair, analogy for place. title. fame. place in powers. etc)
New world, a winter island…

Pirate: This is a favorite island of Master Kaidou of the Yonkou… and he entrusted me to defend it.
Drake: …… and? What do you want me to do?
Pirate: I don’t want you to do anything… I’m just warning you not to anger him, rookie.
Drake: … in other words, if I take you head, Kaidou won’t put up with it?
Pirate: Yeah, that’s right. Now that you understand, just pack up and le….
Drake: Alright then, that makes things faster.
Pirate: !!?

pic 3
New World, a spring island
Apoo: Run!! There’s no way we can fight off that army of vicious boars!!
Crew: There’s a cliff ahead!!
Apoo: Who cares, just jump!!!

Apoo: ……HUH!!?
Crew: uh, Captain Apoo!? Both we and the boars are running on air!?
Apoo: Yeah, I can see that!! What the hell is going on on this island!!!??

pic 4
New World ….. certain burning island

Sanjuan Wolf: It’s hoooot… my feet barely reaches the bottom….
I can’t put strength in my body either…. OW! a fish bit me.

Teach: Stop complaining, Wolf!! It’s your fault our raft ship is nearly broken!!
We’re negotiating because of you!!
Shiliew: Trying to travel the New World on a raft like that is a terrible idea in the first place.
Teach: If I knew this was gonna happen, I should’ve stolen a marine battleship at Marineford!!

pic 5
Jesus: Don’t you feel attached to thing!?
Shiliew: I’m saying it’s careless. And that goes for all of you.
Avalo Pizaro: Meow! Let me take the lead!! You wanna switch captain position with me, Teach?
Laffitte: Hohoho… I would kill you. We’re “Blackbeard” pirates.
Doc Q: The heavens know the fate of all already…. ah…
Vasco Shot: We’re gonna run out of booze, shouldn’t hurry our butts to an island with a town!?
Catarina Devon: Yeah, I’d rather have clothes than a ship!! I’m sick of prisoner clothes
Van Augur: I’ll go check it out. It’s taking far too long
Teach: Yeah, even these guys are starting to feel impatient!!

pic 6
Teach: Isn’t that right, Jewelry Bonney!?
Bonney’s crew: Captain Bonny….
Teach: I wonder how a little girl like you ended up with over 100 million berries..
New World is a sea meant only for the few chosen strong ones!!
Good long journey all the way from South Blue, but you’re out of the race here, zehahahaha!!
Bonney: ……!!!
Teach: You’refar too weak to make a crew of mine, but… If you agreee to be my woman, I don’t mind taking you with me to the ocean ahead… how about it, eh?

pic 7
Bonney: Piss off!! filthy Pigbeard!!
Teach: Doh!!
BB Pirates: Gyahahahahaha!!
Teach: Damn, she’s too unruly. A woman should be more elegant, don’t you think?
I got enough unruly thugs in my crew already!!
Crew: Hahahahahahahaha!!
Teach: Alright then, we’ll follow our plan and trade her for a marine ship!!
Augur: Captain!! I’ve spotted the marines!
Teach: Did they bring the battleship as they promised?
Augur: They have, but it doesn’t look like they’re willing to let go of it!
Teach: Eh!? How can you tell?
Augur: Akainu is on it!!!

pic 8
Teach: Oh damn!!! I don’t want that just yet…!!! Let’s get the hell outta here!!
Jesus: Gyahahahahaha!!! Major Fail!!!

Akainu: ….where is Blackbeard?
Marfine: They’re no longer here, sir!
Akainu: …. when I heard you ran away from the government, it sent a chill down my spine…. but it’s all over now….
Bonney: You….!! I will never forgive you!!!

(“you” is plural here)

pic 9

Redline, Holy city of Mariejois

WG official: dissapeared, you say…?
DoFlamingo: Yeah, to be honest. I’m not trying to be vague, he literally vanished on the spot!!
Fufufu… I’m surprised, are you aware of a move like that with the Kage Kage ability??
official: This is no matter to laugh at!!

DoFlamingo: It’s alright…. his life was nearly at the end.
No matter what he does, it’s too late.
yeah… unless he returns as a zombie or something. Fufufufu!!! That would be fitting

official: That’s a damn sloppy job you did!!

DoFlamingo: Hmm!!?
official: !!?
Doflamingo: Watch it. When the hell did you become my boss?
I don’t care how much power you have in the WG, I’m a damn pirate and it doesn’t matter to me…!!!
If my deal with you become… uninteresting, I’ll quit Shichibukai at any time. Remember that.

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