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Originally Posted by Ninja48 View Post
Whas goin on here.

Wiki:Qualifying Agnosticism
Originally Posted by wiki
Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume contended that meaningful statements about the universe are always qualified by some degree of doubt.[12] He asserted that the fallibility of human beings means that they cannot obtain absolute certainty except in trivial cases where a statement is true by definition (i.e. tautologies such as "all bachelors are unmarried" or "all triangles have three corners"). All rational statements that assert a factual claim about the universe that begin "I believe that ...." are simply shorthand for, "Based on my knowledge, understanding, and interpretation of the prevailing evidence, I tentatively believe that...." For instance, when one says, "I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald shot John F. Kennedy," one is not asserting an absolute truth but a tentative belief based on interpretation of the assembled evidence. Even though one may set an alarm clock prior to the following day, believing that waking up will be possible, that belief is tentative, tempered by a small but finite degree of doubt (the alarm might break, or one might die before the alarm goes off).
Yeah, that's good shit. We operate based on the knowledge we have. Otherwise, everything would be stupid as fuck. Technically, a goddamn wizard or some shit could make gravity magically stop working, causing the atmosphere to go poof and we'll all die. Or whatever. But we operate as if that is stupid and not going to happen, since there is no reason to think it will happen.

So, yeah. There is an inherent level of doubt in most everything. But we just ignore that fact. Since it's completely useless.

Originally Posted by wiki
Agnosticist (also called "faithless" or "factual agnosticism")
The Agnosticist is absent of belief, where theism and atheism require faith that there is or is not a deity or deities. An Agnosticist would say, "I neither have a belief in a deity nor do I have a belief in the absence of such a deity."
Stupid. If you don't believe in a deity, but don't believe that one doesn't exist, then you still don't believe in any deities. You're an atheist.

Strong agnosticism (also called "hard," "closed," "strict," or "permanent agnosticism")
The view that the question of the existence or nonexistence of a deity or deities and the nature of ultimate reality is unknowable by reason of our natural inability to verify any experience with anything but another subjective experience. A strong agnostic would say, "I cannot know whether a deity exists or not, and neither can you."
Stupid. You can't know anything then. "I dunno if this pie tastes good or not, because we all might be in the goddamn matrix, which is just tricking my brain into thinking it's yummy (assuming I have a brain and actually exist, etc.) lololol" Way to be completely intellectually useless.

Weak agnosticism (also called "soft," "open," "empirical," or "temporal agnosticism")
The view that the existence or nonexistence of any deities is currently unknown but is not necessarily unknowable, therefore one will withhold judgment until/if any evidence is available. A weak agnostic would say, "I don't know whether any deities exist or not, but maybe one day when there is evidence we can find something out."
Stupid. "There is no reason to believe a magical dragon lives under my porch, but I'm not going to risk forming an opinion either way because one day a wizard might happen by and do a magical dragon check. That way I can be sure."

Apathetic agnosticism (also called Pragmatic agnosticism)
The view that there is no proof of either the existence or nonexistence of any deity, but since any deity that may exist appears unconcerned for the universe or the welfare of its inhabitants, the question is largely academic.
Stupid. "I don't think it's worth taking a millisecond to form a logical opinion about this (Meaning I probably lack any belief in a deity, meaning I'm an atheist anyway), but I've thought about it enough to label myself as an apathetic agnostic."

Agnostic atheism
Agnostic atheists are atheistic because they do not have belief in the existence of any deity, and agnostic because they do not claim to know that a deity does not exist.
Stupid. That's just called an atheist. You don't have to say something definitely can't exist to not believe in it.

Agnostic theism
The view of those who do not claim to know of the existence of any deity, but still believe in such an existence.
Really fucking stupid. "I don't think there is any evidence showing something exists, but I believe in it anyway lolol!"

Goddamn, I fucking hate agnostics.
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