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Re: Obama Strongly Backs Islam Center Near 9/11 Site

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
^There is a massive difference between allowing people to build shit on their property, and invoking some crazy arab theocracy or whatever the fuck you're going on about. The former shit doesn't in any way need to lead to the latter shit.
Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
I support freedom of religion (or lack of it) as a fundamental right in America. I don't think anyone is mad that people are building mosques in new york or that people are worshiping Islam. Well there will always be some fringe groups out there that might believe that.

The key issue is the reason behind building it at that location. They claim it for "cultural outreach", but I call BS on that. Why don't these Imams allow other religions to build churches/cathedrals/synagogues in these predominately Islamic countries. That would be fair wouldn't it, but it would never happen. Even if it did, people would be to damn scared for their lives to enter those churches, due to death threats or other repercussions against them.

The head Imam has openly said he favors imposing Sharia law in America (where women are treated as second class citizens), which is in direct conflict with the constitution. You can just look to Europe as an example of this. In Britain they already have 5 Sharia courts, that have been set up since 2007. If your a muslim you get tried in these courts using different laws, and judicial procedures then a non-muslim. Is this really OK. Does anybody really want this in america? There was once a time when blacks were considered 2nd rate citizens, and women lacked rights. Doing the same shit again and wrapping the banner of religious freedom around it, doesn't make it right. Our culture will progress backwards, if we let that happen.
Ask me anything is correct. What's worse is that imposing this law has caused warfare before. One example is the Second Sudanese Civil War during the Cold War between the US and Soviet Union back in the 70s and 80s, a continuation of the First Civil War back in 1955. This war was started because of the Sharia Law attempting to work it's way into Sudan's government. It has only just recently come to a peace agreement in January 2005. There's several ways that the Sharia Law could cause warfare in the US. One of the worst is Obama, or whichever other president we would have at the time, allowing it, and another group, being outraged, seperates from our current government, and thus starting the second Civil War in the US. If you ever really pay attention to the religious wars of the world, you'll notice that most of them are from the Muslim religion trying to plant their laws/ways into current society. I have nothing against Muslims as a whole either, but for any of them that want to plant their entire religion into all of society, they can go to Hell. No one religion should be above all. And no one race, or sex should be above the other. Period.

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