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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by SageHokage View Post
Proof that Naruto is not gay:
When Konohamaru used a version of the sexy jutsu on Sakura, male on male version. It proved to be very effective against Sakura, but Naruto wants nothing of that sort. Hitting and reprimanding Konohamaru for using that kind of image. If Naruto was gay he wouldn't have that kind of aversion, especially if that image would proove to Sakura, after several years of her criticizing them, that the sexy jutsu technique Naruto and Konohamaru are competing at is not such a useless technique. Thus Naruto is a heterosexual who isn't even comfortable with homosexual relationships of other men. He wouldn't even compromise by dwelling on that subject matter even if it proves to be an effective distracting jutsu against female ninjas.

But he is comfortable with girl on girl images, as proven when he approved of Konohamaru's girl on girl sexy jutsu. Actually he was the only one among the group it had an affect on. And Sakura was the one who was offended by it and reprimanded Konohamaru. For some reason heterosexual men do find girl on girl action arousing. And Naruto found such an image arousing. Isn't that your typical hormone raging heterosexual adolescent male?
There's a veritable magic 8 ball of different ways that can be interpreted.

*shakes the ball*

"Naruto simply hated the idea of Sasuke being with anyone other than himself."

That's what I got back.

And you have absolutely no way of proving that Naruto can't be at least bi.
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