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Re: One Piece 597 Spoilers

finally i can log in again

so any one think that usop might be able to imbue haki in his weapons like the amazon's arrows

btw oda deserves the break the guy has been on a roll of epicness

how does the time skip work, does it mean there wont be any onepiece for two years or is it just a two year jump from one event to another, this question might sound stupid but iam new to reading manga
When Ichigo said ‘i will defeat Aizen’ I said : ‘Keep dreaming’
When Naruto said ‘i will be hokage’ I said : ‘Grow up kid’
When Luffy said ‘i will be Pirate king’ I said :’Go for it

It's well past midnight
I should get up to pray
The mirrors of my honesty
have long been filmed with dust

I should get up
I still have time
My hands can yet discern
a jug of water from a jug of wine

as time's wheeled chariot
hurtles down the slope of my life

Perhaps tomorrow
the poisonous arrows aimed at me
will hunt down my eyes
two speckled birds startled into flight

Perhaps tomorrow
my children
will grow old
awaiting my return

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