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Re: 508: prediction /spoilers

Well I predict KYF will tell us Kisame's tounge will use a space time jutsu to go chat it up with Tobi and maybe he will grow into a new Kisame, but anyway.

Onto this Sharingan thing, I do not think every technique can be learned, it seems that some techniques are controlled by some users, for instance, Kakashi and Tobi seem to have the same style of technique and Sasuke is similiar to Itachi. The thing no none has been mentioning about Obito is that it was said he had a lot of potential and came from a powerful branch of the Uchiha clan. My assumption is that Obito was probably the great grandson of Madara Uchiha. About Shisui, im going to assume that he is actually dead because I don't really understand why he would still be alive, but it is proven that killing your best friend is not necessary to having MS.

Did anyone else notice how Kisame just cut off the memory when we were about to see Tobi and what he looks like? He has been going by the name Madara Uchiha but yet everytime we have a chance to see him we have been stopped by Kishi. This has either led me to believe that Kishi has a different look for Tobi that he does not want us to see him for whatever reason. The other thing would be that he isn't Madara and by letting us see him we will know whats going on, I am guessing a different body most likely, but the facts are there now. Something is wrong with his look.
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