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Re: "Taking over the world, including Switzerland" - THREAD

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
1. You need to be an evil genius

2. You need to be deformed, a scar, your skin bleach after being push into a vet of acid, half your face is burned, you penis is deformed can be accept too.

3. Naming your evil alter-ego. Dr. STD sounds evil. Mr. Sinister and Dr. Evil is already taken.

4. Lair. To conquer the world you need a lair. Examples are like Volcano, Submarine, Cave, Your parents' basement

5. Your second in command/ sidekick/pet for sticky assignments. It can be supermodel assassins, cats, guys with meal teeths, midgets. They also can be found in the yellow pages under "evilness"

6. Evil Fashion. Evil Conqueror or Ruler must look right for the job. Consult your nearest tailor shop.

7. Money. You can start by robbing the first national bank.

8. Army. You need army. That means you can feed them, cloth them, give them the best weapon, vehicles in the market and places for them to sleep.

9. Name your army. Since Red Ribbon is already taken, Pink Ribbon is consider the next best thing.

And dont worry. Arch nemesis will surely show up someday soon.
As for nr. 5 - I hope that will be me..

For nr. 8 - I can provide the food.

For nr. 9 - I wanna call the army "The Donkeys"
2nd. coolest thread ever.
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