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Re: 509 prediction/spoilers

Jaraiya rises out of the water in between Konan and Madara! He used Sage technique: Water healing Coma, to save himself. Being fully revived he goes str8 into Sage Mode and summons a toad we haven't seen in a while. It's the fat yellow one, but this time he is twice the size Gamakichi is now and looks powerful!
Gama seems slightly surprised to be summoned by J-man. " i thought you were dead. he looks in front to see Tobi.
Madara;" Legendary Jaraiya i see, full of tricks. Nagato always said you were mysteriously skilled."
Konan surprised" Master Ja-" She is interupted by Madara appearing right behind her. Instantly Gama grabs Konan and disappears. Madara surprised "What?How?"
Jaraiya forming seals and speaking to Madara "That gama toad is more than he ever let on. He was chosen by the Old Sage of the mountain to replace him. That Toad at his currently level is more powerful than all his brothers and sisters and twice as much as Ma and Pa toad....Giant battle field Jutsu!"
suddenly they are surrounded by a giant stadium of darkness with water and floating debris.
Madara "interesting trick..i have my own." Madara has shocked looked in his eye. j-man comes from the right, left and front directions with a pulsating rasengan. Three and and a surprise magnetic rasengan!"

They actually hit him and due to the directions they were from he stands in the same spot. The water forcefully splashes covering the scene. The water clears and Jaraiya stands over Madara. he is still struggling to get up.
Madara "how?"
J-man " I am a Toad sage though i am Not a perfect embodiment i do have the knowledge and the jutsu at my disposal." The thing is I know about your teleporting technique, having never met you in battle.

Madara " How could you?"

J-man " should pay more attention to your surroundings as should your subordinates. While i was in my healing coma, my jutsu watches over my body and follows the enemy in the form of a small toad to get intel so when i rise i will have better chance to defeat them. So doing that my Toad spy ended up spying on YOU and the plant guy as well as kabuto and Sasuke. Soon as i had arose the knowledge came to me.

He coughs. Madara picks up on it. " i see there is a price or does the healing jutsu only give you a short extension on life?"

J- man " you are smart aren't you. It is really a forbidden Sage tech made only to give the user enough extra time for VENGEANCE"
Madara seems still surprised about something.
j-man" you can't teleport because the place u go thru to teleport...we are there NOW."

Madar " what?" Itg took a great deal of my chakra and nature energy but i summoned the great colisuem of the eternal void. The place u use to travel and place ur enemies.'

coughing again
J-man Soon i will die again for good and you will be released . But everything i know will pass to the nearest Toad sage..."forms a sign." Knowledg transfer jutsu!"

Madara looks on quietly.

J-man looking confused...." who are you? am i sick i feel i dying....who are u did u do this where are we"...coughing still
Madara "i see...everything...No i did not do this to you....yes u are dying."
J-man " why what happened are we i dying alone?" j-man slowly closes his eye.
madara " NO...u are not ...alone...Master Jaraiya Legendary ninja."
Jaraiya's breathing slow " legendary...thank ..." he goes quite and suddenly they are back at hidden rain.
Suddenly back aat Naruto and company...
Naruto dammit i can't keep hold of this shark and concentrate ...suddenly his eyes get big." water swallow jutsu!" his mouth gets huge and he swallows the water...soon after everyone else is free.
Naruto is quiet but speaks.." i know..." everyone looks puzzled " I know how to beat Madara" He thinks to himself, good by master..thank you

My first one kinda bad but hey i tried.
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