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Re: PMS Proof ?

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
I'm pretty sure I pointed out that he has his eye power fully intact, so he's never used Izanagi.

You read the manga and saw Tobi use EMS?!?!?!?! Show me the page, please please please, come on show me, why don't i see the panel?!?!

Oh wait... that's because no where in the manga have we seen Tobi use EMS. Hmm, wait a second, then my statement saying Tobi can't use EMS because of Izanagi could possibly be RIGHT. Holy shit, man what a turn around.

What I am saying is, Tobi could had used Izanagi against the first during their fight, losing powers of his EMS. Izanagi after being used several times or even once, could do severe damage to the eyes, we don't know for sure. We do know Tobi knows what Izanagi is, because he knew the name and knew what the jutsu was, and two we have not seen Tobi use EMS, judging by that, I am going to assume that his EMS is rendered useless, and I think its a plausible THEORY that it is true. Notice how I said THEORY, meaning not proven but it can be backed up.
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